Department of planning and control of educational process


Structure of the department

Department of planning and control of the educational process

(hereinafter referred to as «DPCEP», «Division»)

Tole bi 94, Rectorate, 2nd floor, 211 room

Work phone: 338-70-36

DPCEP is an independent structural subdivision of the Department for Academic Activity of the Republican State Enterprise on the right of economic management «Kazakh National Medical University. S.D. Asfendiyarov» (University).

DPCEP is a part of the structure of the Department for Academic Activities and does not have internal services and units. The department is directly subordinated to the Director of the Department for Academic Work, who is the superior manager, who exercises control functions in relation to the division and supervises the activities of the unit.

  • The main purpose of the department’s activity is the rational organization of the educational process in accordance with the state compulsory education standards (SCES) and the Standard academic plan (SAP).

The main tasks of the subdivision are:

  • — compiling curriculum projects and schedules of the educational process for all specialties for the academic period of training according to the State Compulsory Standards Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • -forming groups / subgroups, lecture streams and their numbering;
  • — normalizing time by type of training and monitoring activities;
  • — consolidating disciplines in the departments;
  • — formation of hourly pay fund for the departments (hourly pay fund for practical hours, hours allocated for the State Examinations);
  • — compiling timetables of practical classes and examinations;
  • -calculation of academic hours in the departments.