Training of highly qualified, competent, diverse professionals in the areas of health with fundamental understanding of medical science, modern methods and technologies that will improve populationhealth in accordance with the challenges of the 21st century.

The International medical school will be known for its high quality and relevance of educational programs preparing a new generation of leaders in the healthcare, who will be in demand around theworld.

Building Rectorat, 1st floor, rooms #101, 103, 109

The school was established on the 3 of October 2016.

Program Bachelor of Medicine (B.M.) with learning on English on speciality 5В130100-General Medicine

The Program Bachelor of Medicine consists in full time degree program lasting 5 years at the International medical school (IMS) in KazNMU. The B.M. program is the program awarding the bachelor of medicine qualification who is fully competent in whatever is required for exercising professional occupation. However the Program serves as the foundation for extending professional education through internship and further as resident for postgraduate majors in medicine or for master program in scientific and educational fields.  The B.M. program being competence-based was developed for implementing best practice of the recognized international medical school in the education process of the KazNMU.

Students of the IMS should study under the unified program first 5 years of study, including general, basic and clinical disciplines. At their 1st and 2nd years of study the IMS students will be learning mainly general disciplines and those studying body constitution norms and human organism functioning norms. The 3rd year deals with the integrated study of pathologic processes in main organs and systems mastering initial skills of clinical judgment. The 4th and 5th years aim at studying obligatory advanced clinical disciplines choosing selectives at the 5th year.

The students shall get the admission credit as per the results of the academic year for proceeding to each next year.


Results of the study under the BM program of the IMS

  • apply detailed knowledge of typical structures and functions of organism from molecules to organs cells and the whole organism;
  • use the knowledge on main pathologic processes and biologic damages caused by them;
  • detect and interpret the clinical symptoms and syndromes, data of laboratory and instrumental methods of examining patients with the most widespread somatic diseases in their typical manifestation and during the disease course as well as in age aspect;
  • provide medical help in most frequent emergency and life threatening conditions;
  • integrate clinical knowledge and skills for providing individual approach in treating a particular patient;
  • make a professional decision based on the analysis of diagnosing efficiency and principles of the evident-based medicine;
  • use knowledge of the main principles of human behavior for effective communication and diagnostic and treatment process observing ethics and deontology principles;
  • apply knowledge on patient’s psychology taking into account cultural features and ethnicity;
  • demonstrate skills in team work, organizing and managing the diagnostic and treatment process;
  • use knowledge of principles and methods of forming healthy lifestyle of man and family, population health;
  • apply knowledge of the complex of factors identifying health and diseases with the aims of prevention;
  • demonstrate commitment to professional values such as altruism, compassion, sympathy, responsibility, honesty and confidentiality observance;
  • use knowledge of rights, obligations and ways of defending rights of doctor and patient, including child as a patient, in professional practice;
  • demonstrate need in continuous professional training and improving their knowledge and skills throughout the whole professional practice;
  • demonstrate skills in research conduct, pursuit of new knowledge and its transfer to other people.

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