Our mission:Training of highly qualified, competent, diverse professionals in the areas of health with fundamentalunderstanding of medical science, modern methods and technologies that will improve populationhealth in accordance with the challenges of the 21st century.

Our vision:

The International medical school will be known for its high quality and relevance of educational

programs preparing a new generation of leaders in the healthcare, who will be in demand around theworld.

Address: Intro V, 1st floor, rooms #101-103

The school was established on the 3 of October 2016.


Dean – GaukharKurmanova

Vice deans:

  • Executive Vice Dean – AzharAskarova
  • Vice Dean for Academic Affairs – Elmira Bitanova.
  • Vice Dean for Students Affairs – Mukhamedieva Gulzada


  • ArdakhgulAltkhay
  • Bekzat Tulegenova
  • MuniraAblizova
Name phonenumber E-mail Room №
GaukharKurmanova internal 7072 [email protected]kaznmu.kz 101
AzharAskarova [email protected] 102а
Mukhamedieva Gulzada internal7270 [email protected] 103
Elmira Bitanova [email protected] 102б
Ardakhgul Altkhay internal 7049 [email protected] 103
Bekzat Tulegenova internal 7049 [email protected] 103
MuniraAblizova internal 7049 [email protected] 103