Our congratulations with completing your studies at school and college! Your future is in your hands, and I would like it to be associated with getting a quality education.

Doctor is a particular profession that requires a deep level of knowledge, high culture and such personal qualities as compassion, humanity, generosity, and responsibility.

You should seriously think about the difficulties of life path, which you are entering, because the medical destiny is not the only victory, joy and luck, as is often depicted in many works of art or correspondent reports.

Institution of higher education that allows today to meet the needs of the community by highly qualified, competitive doctors is S.D. AsfendiyarovKazNMU – one of the oldest medical universities, which celebrated its 85th anniversary in 2015! Today KazNMU is the leader of medical education that combines academic, medical and scientific-research work. Our objective is the training of world-class professionals.

Our university is one of the 18 Kazakhstani universities who signed the Great Charter of Universities, which is the basis of the Bologna Declaration and ensures our graduates to pretend for employment in any of the 46 member countries of the Bologna Charter.

If you have chosen this difficult and responsible, but a beautiful, bright profession of a doctor and decided to enter the Kazakh National Medical University, then – YOU ARE WELCOME!


For successful registration you should:
Step 1 – click Online registration of applicants and fill in the registration form
Step 2 – get SMS with login and password for entering the AIS SIRIUS
Step 3 – press AIS Sirius and log in using your username and password
Step 4 – fill in the questionnaire of the entrant
Step 5 – through the entrant’s personal office you will receive informational letter  about the date and time of the mini-interview

International medical school’s admission rules for Kazakhstani students
Regulations for applicants admissions on a fee-paying basis for Bachelor’s degree programs in S.D.Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University


Tariff for rendering educational services for foreign applicants and stateless persons on bachelor program this year is 1 881 000 KZT (approved by the order of the rector No. 388 from 21.05.2018).

Distance learning

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