Dear friend!

The university is a place where we live, work, creatively develop, carefully treat to unforgettable pages of its development.

Today our alma-mater celebrates the 80th anniversary. Kazakh National Medical University is the oldest higher medical institution in the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is recognizable and always attracts thousands of young people who want to devote themselves to medicine.

KazNMU constantly develops, together with leading universities of   Kazakhstan we joined to Bologne’s process – it is new horizons and possibilities of integration into the “European education”, transition to preparation medical specialists corresponding to rating of the universities, standards of world education and science.

Student of our university always remembers that he represents higher humane medical school.

The main values of our student – education, science, sport and health. In the modern conditions of globalization it is very important to be the person of the world, humanist responsible for destiny, life, culture, civilization in general.

Rector of  KazNMUnamed after S.D.
Asfendiyarov A.A. Akanov