Head of the subdivision is Nurkasymova Almagul Tursumbayevna, [email protected]kaznmu.kz , int.tel.: 7507
She graduated from the pediatric faculty of the ASMI. She worked in system of practical public health. Since 1989 she has been working at the department “Out-patient polyclinic pediatrics”. Since 2003 she has been working at DPCEP.
senior methodist Kuangaliyeva Kuralai Yerikovna, [email protected] , int.tel: 7505
methodist – Akhan Laila, [email protected] , int.tel.: 7093
methodist – Nurabayeva Dana Bakytovna, [email protected] , int. tel.: 7506
methodist – Yerbayeva Asel Sailaukhanovna, [email protected] , int.tel.: 7508
methodist – Kegenbayeva Gulzhan Bakytkereykyzy, [email protected] , int.tel.: 7502