Weekly meetings of foreign scientists and engineers with the rector of KazNMU


October 23, 2013, the regular meeting of the rector KazNMU Akanov AA with scientists invited by the program «from Visiting Professor.» Attended by 13 foreign scientists from 7 countries:

The name of visiting professor


Place of work and occupation, academic degree

Meimanaliev Tilekbek Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Doctor of Medicine, professor, academic advisor W.H.O., The Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic  
Donald E.Burgess U.S.A. Doctor of Medicine, professor, Midwest Research Institute  
Konrad T.Juskiewicz Lublin, Poland Doctor of Medicine, professor, Midwest Research Institute  
Khimenko Sergey Valentynovych Kharkov, Ukraine Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, associate professor of the National University of Pharmacy  
Yudina Julia Victorovna Kharkov, Ukraine Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, National Pharmaceutical University,  Associate Professor of Industrial Pharmacy  
Kudaibergenova Tamara Asanovna Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Candidate of Medical Sciences, MS Bioethics, expert in the field of bioethics, Kyrgyz State University named after. I. Arabaev  
Ibraimov Abyt Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Doctor of Biological Sciences, head of the Laboratory of Human Genetics, The National Center of Cardiology and Therapy of the Kyrgyz Republic  
Winfred O’Neil Ward Virginia, U.S.A. Doctor of Medicine, professor. Virginia Commonwealth University.  
  1. a
Avanesov Vadim Sergeyevich Moscow, Russia Doctor of Education, professor. Chief Editor of the Russian scientific-pedagogical journal «Teaching measurement»  
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Gasparyan Armen Yuri London, U.K. Doctor of Medicine, professor. Editor in Chief of the European Science Editing Chief Editor, European Science Editing. University of Birmingham.  
Webb Mark Owen Texas, U.S.A. Doctorate of philosophy, professor. Texas Tech University. Head of the department of philosophy  
Klaus Boheim Vienna, Austria Doctor of Medicine, professor. The University of Vienna  
Tolymbek Almaz Ottawa, Canada Doctorate of philosophy, professor. Canadian Institute of Management

At the meeting, the sides discussed issues of further development of cooperation in the fields of education, science and clinics.