Voluntary organization of students of the faculty of General Medicine, invites All the event «Lecture life», which will be held 15.11.13, in an audience №2, at 15:00.


Every day we give lectures on various subjects, and explain in a simple form those things that will be needed in the lesson, exam, work, in life. Try to 50 minutes to explain as much as possible. And together with the learning material transfer us a part of your life experience. And all this our teachers do absolutely free of charge only for the «Thank you for the excellent lecture»!
«Lecture life» is the stuff that a teacher does not have time to us to communicate on a regular study lecture is your experience! Teachers reported from his student, at the early stages of work, relationship with students, cases with patients, how they came out of the given situation. You know, we заслушиваемся, we remember, we feel closer to the teachers, wise life and we want a part of their wisdom and experience.