University Days at the Department of Public Health



December 4, 2012 at the Department of Public Health at the of the scientific and practical conference with international participation «Kazakhstan on the modernization of the health system» dedicated to University Days, which was attended by members of the department of public health, from Visiting professor ZhilvinasPadayga and SaulyusYanonis and Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, health professionals. Heard reports of the establishment, prof. M.A. Kamaliev «Modernization of the Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan», Professor J. Padayga «The development of the health care system in Lithuania», Dr. S. Janonis «Modernization of Health, with the use of information technology,» and others. During his time visiting professors from 26 November to 8 December drafted scientific programs, heard lectures, worked out many of the materials that are received positive reviews, plans for 2013.