The meeting on organizing practical work for students of 1-3 courses of the faculty general medicine


In 26th   of September by the organizing of Department on academic works held a meeting about the process of organizing practical works at University.


The meeting  attended by all directors of all departments:

—  director DAW  Аbirova М.А.,

—  dean of «GM» faculty Zhumasheva R.T.,

—  director of the Center of practical skills Isina Z.B.,

— deputy of the director  DAW Slavko E.A.,

—  deputy of the director  Ensetenov А.R.,

— director of the department  of  internal Diseases №1 Beisebayeva U.Т.,

— director of the department  of  internal Diseases №2 Sadikova Sh.S.,

—  head of the chair «Introduction into clinic » G.О.Orazbakova,

— senior teacher of the chair communicative skills Fomenko T.V.,

—  teacher of the chair»Introduction into clinic » K.R.Botanbekova.


In order to organize and holding  the practical works of students between 1-3 courses of general medicine faculty  was created new «Organizing Nursing practice » chair to control all actions. All educational documents by the practice works must be controlled under this new chair. To Department, only what that was created, to hand over given what all оқу-әдістемелік documents according to practice.

The first year students get a practice in June month, second year students according to a time table in spring by motion of semester, third year students passes after  discipline «General surgery»during the year.

Within the agreement between us and local medical organizations enlarging the data of chair is concluded.

To enlarge a number of chair staff to take   from the full-time employees and «Introduction into clinic» chair staff is recommended.

Department on academic works