Mukagali Makataev «The songs about love»


On the 15th of April students from 3rd course of “General Medicine” faculty provide poetical meeting on “Arena”. Mukagali Makataev was born on February 9, 1931 in  Almaty region in the village of Karasaz.

He lived  45 years only, but his name was a symbol of the 1960-70s. Mukagali had no time to grow old and his works were full of youth and spring. In one of  his last poems he said:


When spring rages

Remember me.

When you stay alone,

Remember me.


The songs about love, youth, and etc. were song by students. Songs like «Sarjailau», «Men dep oila», «Esine meni algaisyn», «En algashki mahabbat» were song in this greeting. Great thank to the students: Kolbayeva Gulmira, Adilova Akbota, Aryntai Tansholpan, Ashtayeva Samal, Sarmenova Aisulu, Safiollayeva Altynai.




Winner of the presidential scholarship

Sagymbaeva Anel