List of documents required for the procedure of recognition and convalidation:


  • The statement recognition / convalidation documents on education on the form;
  • The original document on education (the original for reference, to be returned). In witness whereof the undersigned annex document the education (in witness whereof the undersigned for the reconciliation, to be returned) with the availability of the following information Notarized copies of the document on education and annexes to it (with the translation of the document on education and annexes to it on state or Russian). Service receiver submits the apostilled or legalized documents on education specified in subparagraph 2) the present point, or submits the archival reference from educational institution confirming the fact of training and obtaining the document on education; certificate personality, owner of the document on education.
  • If the owner of the document on education changed a surname, a name or a middle name after its receiving, it is necessary to submit notarially to assurance the copy of the certificate on the state registration acts of record change a name, middle name, surname or assembly record about marriage or about divorce (the original for verification, is subject to return);
  • The copy of the license and/or the certificate on accreditation of the educational institution which issued the document on education, (except documents of the state sample on the main secondary, general secondary education), certified by the press of educational institution (with the translation on state or Russian). In the absence of the copy of the license and/or the certificate on accreditation of educational institution to provide information on the organization of education which issued the document on education (with reference to the site or other sources);
  • The identity card, the owner of the entity. For non-residents identification paper of the authorized representative (for identification) and the document certifying powers on representation – at the address of the representative of an service receiver;
  • Receipt on payment;
  • Folder (plastic)


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