Language Training Center


Director of the Language training center


Contacts:  tel/facs: 8 (727) 2926997

Теl: 8 (727) 3387059


E-mail: Lс[email protected]

The Language Training Center is part of the Department of academic works and has no internal services and departments.Language Training Center reports directly to the director of the Department of academic works, which is a superior leader, performing in relation to the division of management and supervising the operations of the unit.The main purpose of «LTC» is the training of competitive specialists twenty-first century, owning a Kazakh, Russian and English to a sufficient degree.

The main objectives of the «LTC» are:

— Direct participation and promote implementation of of the program trilingual education KazNMU;

— Coordination of the preparation of multilingual medical personnel;

— The organization and coordination of office work in the official language in all areas of the university structures;

— Determination of the level of  knowing  languages of teachers and staff;

— The organization of seminars for faculty members to improve linguistic competence;

— Planning and procurement of publication of textbooks and educational materials in English;

— Coordination of the CEP for implementation of the multilingual education in the educational process ;

— Control and monitoring of office work in the official language in all areas of the university;

— Promotion and coordination of university-wide terminology commissions , the unification of medical terminology and introduction to the educational process ;

— Participation in workshops , conferences and seminars on issues of medical education and science in Kazakhstan and abroad, on multilingual education ;

— Through the educational departments coordinate and monitor the implementation of the program trilingual education in KazNMU .

Personnel structure of Department of academic work:

  1. KulmaganbetovaVeneraKalmuratovna- 338-70-98 (70-32)
  2. SegizbayevaZhanarUmirzakovna -338-70-98 (70-33)
  3. AbdullayevaArailymAbdullayevna- 338-70-58 (75-85)

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