Founded 1930
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Governmentawards  Award of the Labour Red Banner, 1981.
Specialstatus – National status (Decree of the President of Kazakhstan, 2001)

– The status of the innovative focused university (MAUN RK, 2011)

Registrationinworlddatabases – International reference book of universities of UNESCO,

– Directories of medical schools “Avicenna” of the World Federation of medical education and World Health Organization,

– World base of the higher education of the International Association of Universities

Membership in the international organizations and associations 1. The international association of universities – International Association of Universities (IAU), 2013.

2. The European Association of Universities – European University Association (EUA), 2012.

3. Association of Medical education in Europe – An International Association for Medical Education (AMEE), 2012.

4. Association of Stomatologic education in Europe – Association for Dental Education in Europe (ADEE), 2012.

5. Open Siberian University association, 2012.

6.Association of Schools of public health care of Europe (ASPHER)

7.European Association of Faculties of Pharmacy (EAFP)

8.         International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)

9. Association of medical schools in Europe (AMSE)

10. The PhD organization of education for biomedicine and medical sciences in the European system (ORPHEUS);

11. Euroasian association of universities (EAU)

12.       UnaitedNationsAcademicImpactUNAI

 Confirmation of quality of activity –          National certification DESKR. 2008year.


– Diploma SGS «The best system of management», 2012 year.

-Accreditation scientific effort

DES. KR. 2012 year.

-Institutional accreditation  IAAR, 2012 year.

– People’s quality mark stainless

National league consumer of Kazakhstan,2013


– Diplomaoftheactiveorientation work in Almaty and Almaty region in 2013-2014 year..

– Recertification on ISO 9001 (SGS, Switzerland), 2014

–  Nationalcertificate«The Leader of branches 2015», Rating of National business in RK

The national certificate “the Leader of Kazakhstan 2013” and the 3rd place in National Business a rating among all universities of Kazakhstan in 2014-2015.

KazNMU in national and international ratings –          – 1 place on the 4th and 3rd place on 1 specialty of a bachelor degree, magistracies and doctoral studies (HAAP PK).

–          – 10 prize-winning places, from them 9 – the first positions, I have entered TOR-40 on total of prize-winning places (A national rating of medical schools of Kazakhstan-2015 and programs in NKAOKO-2015).

–          – the 3rd place among higher education institutions of Kazakhstan in the international rating of ARES in 2014-2015.

–          – the 5th place among higher education institutions of Kazakhstan in the international rating of Webometrics in 2015.

Accreditation Accreditation Council has accredited on December 12, 2015 following educational programs of a bachelor degree:

1 – stage, first cluster:

5B130100 – “The general medicine”

2 stages, second cluster:

5B110300 – “Pharmacy”;

5B074800 – “Technology of pharmaceutical production”.

Magistracy, residency and doctoral studies:

1 – stage, first cluster:

6M110100 – “Medicine”

6D110100 – “Medicine” 2 stage,

second cluster:

6M110400 – “Pharmacy”,

6M074800 – “pharmaceutical production technology”,

6D110400 – “Pharmacy”,

6D074800 – “pharmaceutical production technology”

Corporate management – Supervisory board, 2011.

– Ethical Council, 2011

– Board of trustees, 2008.

– Council of Elders, 2013.

Program documents StrategicPlanfordevelopmentofKazNMUofS.DAsfendiyarovfor 2014-2020
Total area  Total area – 52 354,9sq.m. The university has 7 educational cases, 7 hostels (2858 places), (since the end of 2012 the hostel on 512 places is under construction), Concordia Theatre on 1200 places, the Test center on 102 places, Educational clinical center – 3458,6 sq.m., the anatomic museum. The rented buildings (9) – 7112,3sq.m. A gym with a total area of 1361 sq.m. onBaytursynov St., 93.
  Infrastructure  105 clinical bases, 6 innovative schools of sciences, laboratory according to risks for health of the population, Republican scientific and medical library, the Republican museum of history of medicine, Genomic laboratory of collective use, the museums (the museum of history of medicine, 3 anatomic museums), Arth – the center, Concordia theater. 3 branches in the cities of Taldykorgan, Taraz, Kyzylorda, 9 institutes:

• 1. Institute of development of University

• 2. NIIFPM of Atchabarov

• 3. Institute of stomatology

• 4. Institute of postdegree education

• 5. Institute of nurse business

• 6. Institute of clinical pharmacology 7. Institute of Public Health care

• 8. Institute of Pharmacy

• 9. Virtual Institute of Bologna Process

The joint University Clinic which includes:

– Educational Clinical center;

– Clinic of Internal Diseases;

– University Clinic “Aksay”;

• 5 faculties:

– Faculty of the general medicine;

– Stomatologic faculty;

– Pharmaceutical faculty,

– Faculty of public health care, management and nurse business;

– Faculty of foreign students;

• 2 dean’s offices:

– Dean’s office of internship and residency;

– Dean’s office of pediatrics;

• 6 Centers:

– Center of monitoring of the analysis of quality of education and accreditation;

– Center of Practical skills of K. Kozhakanov;

– Center of Communicative skills of Dzhuliyet Draper;

– Test Center;

– Center of evidential medicine;

– Center of educational technologies of V. S. Avanesov;

• 2 Schools

– School of pedagogical skill of H.Nasybullina;

– School of a vaktsinologiya of R. Aspetov;

Innovation structure Virtual Institute of Bologna Process

11 educational departments

9 committees of educational programs

8 centers

• Center of practical skills of K. Kozhakhanov

• The center of communicative skills of D. Draper

• Center of evidential medicine

• Center of monitoring of quality of education and scientific maintenance of an education reform

• Center of monitoring of the analysis of quality of education and scientific maintenance

• Resource Center: fundraising sector – scientific research institute FPM

• Center of the Innovative Telemedicine Technologies

• Center of Pharmaceutical developments

9 schools

• School of a vaktsinologiya

• School of pedagogical skill of H. Nasybullina

• School of gerontology and geriatrics

• School of diabetes

• School of molecular and genetic researches in the field of medicine

• School in the field of ecological and medico-preventive technologies of risk management to health of the population

• Schoolofclinicalpharmacology

·         • Schoolofchildren’sneurology

       Departmentsandmodules  75 departments, 35 modules, 4 thematiccourses



 1,287 thousand qualified teachers, including 7 academicians of NAN RK, 1 academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 1 corresponding member NAN RK, 2 members of academy of preventive medicine and academy of natural sciences, 145 – doctors of medical sciences, 405 – candidates of science and associate professors, 7 owners of a rank “The best teacher of RK”.
Honoraryprofessors 30 scientists with a world name
Viziting-professora  80 viziting-professors for 2015 from 14 countries
  1. 1. Generalmedicine
  2. 2. Publichealthcare
  3. 3. Stomatology
  4. 4. Pharmacy
  5. 5. Foreignstudents
Quantityoftrained Total trained in 2014-2015uch.g. makes 10 054, of them bachelors – 7564, undergraduates – 141, residents – 286, interns – 2014, doctoral candidates – 52.
Levels of training and specialty of preparation Training of specialists in the field of medicine and pharmacy is carried out on 104 specialties:

A) Bachelor degree

1. 5B130100 General medicine

2. 5B110300 Pharmacy

3. 5B130200 Stomatology

4. 5B110200 Public health care

5. 5B110100 Nurse business

6. 5B050700 Management

7. 5B074800 Technology of pharmaceutical production

8. 5B110400 medico-preventive business

B) Magistracies

1.6М110100 Medicine

2.6M110200 public health care

3. 6M110300 nurse business

4. 6M110400 pharmacy

5. 6M110500 medico-preventive business

6.6M050700 management

7. 6M074800 technology of pharmaceutical production

C) Doctoral studies (PhD)

1.6D110200 public health care

2. 6D110400 pharmacy

3. 6D074800 technology of pharmaceutical production

4. 6D110100 medicine

Model of education Competence-based focused, certificate № 266 since 28.02.2012
System of studying  Creditandmodular
Competencesofthegraduate 1. Cognitive

2. Operational

3. Axiological

4. Legal

5. Continuous training

Two-degreeprograms Management in medicine and pharmacy (the Higher School of Management, Barcelona, Spain), 2012
Polylingualtraining  Since 2010 the program 3 lingual training at the Kazakh, Russian and English languages is started
Academicmobility 2014-2015 уч.год 1106 people.
HR programs     1. Assessment of activities of workers for key indicators

2. Talents on service of University, 2012.

3. Formation of a pedagogical reserve, 2011.

4. Continuous training at School of pedagogical skill, 2011.

5. “Gold fund” of University

6. Perpetuating of the names PPS and graduates who have made a contribution to world and domestic health care (nominal audiences, cases, establishments, grants)

  1. « Health of professorial teaching staff»

2.      «Health of students »

  1.  “Relay of good deeds” (charity events in orphanages, nursing homes, veterans, student’s practice in hospitals hospices, sanitary and educational work in educational institutions of Almaty)Психологическаяподдержкаобучающихся, клуб «Радуга»
  2. Volunteermovement
  3.  Free consulting and diagnostic and medical assistance social vulnerably to the population in “Open Days” in University clinic and at clinical departments
  4.  Preferential service of social and vulnerable groups at Institute of stomatology
  5.  Departure of crews of PPS in regional governments of Health care of Kazakhstan on rendering the free advisory and medical and diagnostic help
Support of the social and vulnerable categories which are trained
  1. Providing the right of free accommodation in the hostel or granting a discount (orphans)
  2. Grantingdiscountsfortraining
  3.  Free food (to orphans and dispensary account)
  4. Financialsupport
Culture – educationalprograms
  1. A theatrical season (the program of free visit trained theaters, philharmonic hall, conservatory, the museums)
  2. Daysofnationalcultures
  3. Student’stheater
  4. Circles of amateur performances and creativity
  5. ArtcenterofUniversity
Students organization 1.      Student’sgovernment

2.      Students’ scientificsociety

3.      Councilofyoungscientists

4.      AsfendiyarovStudentsFamily

5.      Assembly of students of “B_rl_k”

6.      Debatnyclub “Almamater”

31 organizations and on-stage performance groups

  1. Presidential
  2. Rectorial
  3. A grant of B. S. Mikhaylov
  4. A grant of M. Mametova
  5. A grant of A.I. Averinova
  6. A grant of K.R. Amrin
  7. A grant of M. S. Saulebekova
  8. A grant of K.A. Abdullin
  9. A grant of A.N. Syzganov
Informational resources


The book library stock makes – 1 498 507 copies, including in Kazakh – 352 488, in Russian – 1 130 845, in a foreign language – 15 174. Scientific literature – 648 480 copies, educational literature – 712 784 copies, electronic editions – 8 874 pieces. In Scientific library the automated information and library KABIS system is introduced.

The scientific library has access to the following foreign electronic resources: “Thomson Reuters”; “Palgrave Connect”, Publishing house “Lan”, “ScienceDirect”; “”; Kokranovsky library, “Scopus”. There are video and a media library of lectures, operations, educational movies, full text electronic versions of textbooks, methodical grants.

University newspaper “Shipager”

Scientific and practical magazine “Bulletin of KAZNMU”

The university Website including 51 websites

Computerproviding  KT total number – 4581 pieces of 49 computer classes with 230 computers. Wi-Fi in the territory of the campus and hostels, clinic.
Traditional events  August, September December April




















July, January

·          University conference “Problems of New Academic Year”, 25 “Knowledge Day”, 1-International conference “Days of University”, 2-4

2 – University readings

3 – Day of Faculties

4 – Day Student’s

— International conference “Topical Issues of Laboratory Medicine”,

— Republican conference “Experience of Realization of Model of Medical Education of KAZNMU of S. D. Asfendiyarov”,

— Republican conference with the international participation “University clinic – problems and prospects”,

— “Graduation party”, 30

— Winter and Summer international schools “Topical Issues of Public Health Care”

Association of KazNMU  – Association of Dentistry ,Kazakhstan 2012

– International association of medical students (IAMS), 2012 г.

– Association of graduators of KazNMU of S.D Asfendiyarov, 2010

Foreign partners  58universities and medical organizations in  25country of the world
Auditors QMS InternalauditorsQMS– 34
 Dissertationcouncil On award of degree of PhD in “Public health care”, 2012. In “Pharmacy”, 2015.
Investments of KAZNMU into science In 2013 – 503,2 million tg

2014 – 764,7 million tg

2015 – 891,7 million tg

Financing of the projects which are carried out in KAZNMU  The scientific projects financed from means of KAZNMU: 171 896 200