International conference Human Forum


From 16th to 18th September in the city of Barcelona this yearhosted the international conference «HUMAN FORUM» which was organized by the International Association International University Association «Graduate School of Management in Barcelona» in Spain. In this association consists of 92 leading university of different states. KazNMU is a member of the association since 2012 year. The conference was held in the meeting hall of the BarselonaParliament. The event was attended by the rector of KazNMU A.Akanov, director of the department of academic works M.A.Abirova and manager of internal medicine of the University M.Temirhanova. At the conference the rector of the University A.Akanov was elected as the President of the association.

During their visit in Barcelona our rector  A. Akanov with the rector of GSMB T.Kompaniets met with undergraduate students from KazNMU, who study by the double-degree program of Education in the Graduate School of Management in Barcelona.

Department from academic works