Implementation Trilingualism ( Kazakh, Russian and English) students at the department of emergency medical assistance KazNMU


In order to Trilingualism department emergency medical assistance 5th year students of the Faculty Group 035-1 «General Medicine » was made independent work of students under the guidance of the teacher group — Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences Musayev A.T in three languages. Topics independent work of students: hypertensive crisis, bronchospasm, drug allergy . The discussion topics participated Head — Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences Turlanov KM assistant department Erdash BB, NN Madenov Attended the lesson 35-2, 39-1 group endorsed this method of teaching .

Speakers students : Kenzhegulova Arailym , Ramatova Aknur , Rysbaeva Aysholpan , Tranova Laura Ualieva Sai Utegenova Saltanat Utepova Gulbanu .

Feature implementation : each subject independent student work was reported in three languages ​​by the same student.

Later this training at the initiative of the rector Akanova AA will support the learning process.