Educational-Methodical Department


The department of educational-methodical work (DEMW) is an independent structural subdivision of RSE “KazNMU named by S.D.Asfendiyarov”, established in accordance with the organizational structure of the University.

The section  of educational-methodical work has been the part of the educational-methodical work since 2006-2007.

The main purpose of DEMW is to organize and coordinate the educational-methodical work at the University.

The main objectives of DEMW are:

Coordination of  methodical work of chairs, standardization  of educational-methodical documentation

Analysis, the study of the needs of procurement planning and publication of educational and instructional materials

Generalization and dissemination the best experiences in organizing and improving the educational-methodical work

Increasing of innovative competence of professors and teachers staff by training and information seminars, conferences and round tables

The direct involvement and assistance in the realization of reform programs of medical and pharmaceutical education in KazNMU

An associate professor, PhD,  Slavko Elena Alekseyevna has become  the head of the department of educational-methodical work since 2011-2012

The methodologists are working at the department:

  1. Zhakanova Svetlana Nursagatovna
  2. Taishanova Gulya Turarovna
  3. Akhanova Sholpan Erikovna
  4. Karabayeva  Srazhdin Mirhaidarovich
  5. Tusupov Nurzhan Muhamedovna
  6. Bopanova Arailym Ongarbayevna
  7. Sydykova Kymbat Zhomartovna

We look forward to your suggestions for improving the subdivisions’ work!

Telephone: 8 (727)292-69-97

E-mail: [email protected]