The decision of the workshop on 17 March 2016


It is should be taken the following algorithm for transferring students to higher authorities in case of emergencies:

Step 1 — student is drawn first to the leader of their group (the warden)
Step 2 — if the group leader is unable to resolve the issue, the student may appeal to

for Indian students is recommended to appeal for the academic dean of students — Raviteja (contact tel is 87085381884) or members of KAISA

also to student-leaders from countries, e.g.

to Harasis is for students from Jordan (contact tel is 87026145514);

to Navid is for students from Afghanistan (contact tel. is 87788827409)
Step 3 — if not taken by student government, the student appeals to the

Vice-Dean of the faculty of foreign Muhamedieva G.M. (academic Affairs — contact tel is 87756081982,

Vice-Dean Dadmuhammad (responsible vice-dean for educational work and hostels, contact tel is 87017210989

Head of preparatory course Malaeva Indira E. (for preparatory students) contact tel is 87783451611
Step 4 — if problem is not solved at the level of Vice-Deans of foreign faculty, the student appeals to the Dean of the foreign faculty

Dr Konstantin A. Bulygin, contact tel is 87052793412, e-mail [email protected]
Step 5 — if the problem is not solved at the level of Dean, the student appeals to the Vice-rector, then to the rector

acting rector, Professor Tulebayev K. A. (see web-site of KazNMU is (see «unit of the rector»)
Step 6 — if the problem is not solved at the level of vice-rector or rector, the student calls to his companies and through them to the Consulate or Embassy

University has the right to expеl a student for drinking alcohol on campus and the dorms. Akash Deep was expelled for drinking alcohol. Student Akash Deep was expelled for drinking alcohol, but restored only at the request and participation of the Consul Naveen Kapoor. It was an exceptional case that has no place in the practice of our University


Dean office of foreign students