From 20 to 27 November 2016 the 2nd coordination meeting for the project «Modernization of medical education at ModeHEduniversities” was held. The meeting was arrangedfrom 20 to 23 November 2016 at PavolJozefShafarikUniversity in Kosice, Slovakia, and from 24 to 26 November 2016 at the Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.

The representatives of all partner universities have attended the 2ndcoordination meeting.
On the first day of the project there was a meeting withthe rector of PavolJozefShafarikUniversity in KosiceP. Slovak,dean ofMedicalfacultyD.Pella, financialproject managerM.Ivanova,project partner fromPavolJozefShafarikUniversityYa.Mazhernik.
Within 3 working days the participants of the project have been working in 10 sections.
The presentations from PavolJozefShafarikUniversity on the themes: «Public Health», «Public health and health psychology», «Prevention of cardiovascular diseases», «Social and Behavioral Medicine», «Nursing Care», «Public health and hygiene»,»Sports medicine in education at PavolJozefShafarikUniversity», «Medical physiology»,»Age physiology and education in gerontology and geriatrics»,»Forensic medicine»,»First aid in medical disciplines», «Neonatology»,»Simulation in obstetrics and gynecology»,»Simulation in surgery»,»How to make lectures more interesting»,»Biophysics in medicine»,»Experimental medicine»,»Biomedical Engineering»,»Medical informatics» have been  discussedwithin 2 days of the meeting.

On 2nd or 3rd working days the participants visitedthe followingclinical chairs:

— Chair of Anesthesiology and therapy

— Chair of Neonatology

— Chair of Biophysics

— Chair Experimental Medicine

— Chair of Cardiovascular Diseases of the Eastern Slovak Institute II

— Chair of Biomedical Engineering and Measurements (Technical University and the Laboratory of Biomedical Engineering)

           On the 3rd day, therewere conducted round tables and discussions of the working groupactivities with the formation of the preliminary results and planning future actions.
On November 24 the 2ndcoordination meeting was arranged at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.

The opening ceremony was conducted by Professor Stanislav Stipek from Charles University, who warmly welcomed all the partners from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Germany and expressed gratitude to all partners for their deep cooperation in the project. Then, the project participants were welcomed by the rector of Charles University in Prague — Professor Thomas Zima and the dean of FirstMedicalfaculty — Professor AleksiSedo. Rector Thomas Zima, welcomed all the partners, gaveshort information about plans and objects of the meeting, and focused on the process of education at Charles University in Prague. He noted that Erasmus + is the best program in the EU, and more than 2,000 students from EU countries study at the university. He noted that 12 students from Uzbekistan and 8 students from Kazakhstan are studying at the university at this time.

The project participants visited the First Medicalfaculty and a particular interest was paid to medical simulation center for training students of stomatologicalspecialties and a simulation center of Physiology chair.

             During the following days the presentations by employees of Charles University on the themes: «Academic network infrastructure», «E-books and electronic sources of information», «Interactive games with the circulation model», «MEFANET — a web of trust», «WikiSkripta–an open educational resource»were discussed.

            On the last day there were discussed the reports of the project participants from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan: «The role of testing and analysis to improve the quality of tests in the system of higher medical education in Uzbekistan» -MamatkulovBahromzhon and InakovSherzodbek (Tashkent Medical Academy) and «Checkingtests used inSSPHMA»OrynbasarovYerzhan (South Kazakhstan State medical Academy).

           The project financial manager M.Ivanovaalsomadea presentation and explained the financial aspects and the organization of work in the project.

 The representatives of S.D. AsfendiyarovKazNMUprofessor of «Internal diseases №3» chair G.P.Kasymova, head of «Normal physiology with a course ofvaleology» chair Ryspekova SH.O., Director of the Department of academic activity Artykbayeva N.T.participated in the work of the 2nd coordination meeting in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

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