Visiting to Yekaterinburg, Russia. International activities of Communicative skill’s center named after J.Draper and the Department of communicative skills, basics of psychotherapy, general and medical psychology.

On the basis of the signing between the Kazakh National Medical University named after S. D. Asfendiarov and Ural State Medical University of the Memorandum about mutual understanding and cooperation, signed in June 2014, about the creation of Center for Communication Technologies on the basis of the university in the Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation, and a plan of education and training activities under the program of visiting professors.
This program, «Communication skills of health professionals: the main approaches and principles of formation in medical school,» was created by a Director of the Center of communicative skills named after J. Draper MD, Professor Asimov Marat Abubakrievich and by his assistant chair Doschanov Dauren Hizatovich and worked out at the Department of communicative skills, basics of psychotherapy, general and medical psychology.

The program is aimed at building skills of effective interaction «doctor-patient», «doctor-patient-relative», «doctor-nurse» and «doctor-doctor».
The content of the work program addresses the theoretical and methodological foundations of communication skills, reveals the structure and stages of communicative competence and communicative skills of the students, nowadays in all developed countries is very relevant for psychologists, as well as for specialists in communication skills and communication technologies .
The program took a part from 9 to 15 of November in 2014, on the basis of UGMU Medical University of Ekaterinburg Russian Federation in the mode of lecture and training sessions for 6 hours per day and 18 hours of independent work.
Classes are conducted in an interactive form of learning: lectures, discussions, role plays, simulations, work in small groups, the use of standardized patients, and others. In the course of studying the discipline students formed the communicative competence for the development of effective forms of partnership, and for the subsequent improvement in the quality of the organizers of visiting offered a further cooperation between universities.


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