In accordance with the European Union’s Erazmus+ project «Modernizing Health Education in Universities» (ModeHED), the head of the Public Health Department, MD, Professor Kamaliev M.A., Professor of the Department of Internal Medicine № 3 Dr. med. Kasymova G.P., Head of the Department «Normal Physiology with the Course of Valeology» cms, associate professor Ryspekova S.O. visited the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (Germany) on December 11-15, 2017, where they made presentations.

Professor Kamaliev MA in his report «Modernization of public health in the Republic of Kazakhstan» spoke about the creation of a new public health service in the healthcare system, which required the reorganization of the health care system itself through the integration of services to ensure the sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population, the formation of a healthy lifestyle and healthy nutrition. In turn, this caused the need for the adoption of a new state public health service in the specialty «Public Health» and the modernization of educational programs. Also, attention was paid to the methodological equipment of the educational process.

Professor Kasymova G.P. in her speech she presented materials on the modernization of educational programs in sports medicine, therapeutic physical culture and hygiene of physical culture, and also presented sections of electronic manuals on these disciplines.

Associate Professor Ryspekova S.O. presented one of the chapters of the developed electronic training course in physiology. Multimedia tools used to create the course were demonstrated. It is noted that the presented format of the training manual is the most convenient to use and allows the authors to continuously make additions and changes in the content of the discipline in accordance with changes in the educational program.

The speakers received support and positive response from both Project leaders, experts in assessing the quality of teaching materials, and from the Uzbekistan  partners involved in the project.

During the meeting, constructive proposals were made for the future development of the Project, effective preparation and completion of electronic benefits.

The German side was addressed by:

— project coordinator Professor Klaus Hensgen, who noted that all the participants in the project had made great progress and that it is very important for the submission of the report of the European Commission that conducted the monitoring in Leipzig. Professor recalled the demand and expected results of the project, and stressed the importance of extension of the results. The professor also talked about the organization and content of the educational process at the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences;

— Financial Project Coordinator Marina Ivanova presented information on many aspects of the expenditure side of the project;

— Project Assistant Alex Dekin gave explanations on the organization of the visit;

staff of the medical and didactic center of the University of Leipzig. Anya Schultz and dr. Sandy Kuzhumdishev.

The Czech partner — professor of the University of Paul Josef Shafarik in Kosice Jaroslaw Maernik demonstrated a presentation on the «Quality of electronic teaching materials» and pointed that new technologies are the best tools for making your lectures more interesting.

Uzbek partners — representatives of the Fergana State University, the Tashkent Medical Academy, the Namangan State University, the Uzbek State Institute of Physical Culture, the Bukhara State Medical Institute, the Andijan State University, the Kokand State Pedagogical Institute, the Uzbek Medical Pedagogical Association, the Medical Development Center Ministry of Health ubliki Uzbekistan.

A tour was made around the University of Leipzig.