Asfendiyarov KazNMU delegation composed of vice-rectors Tulebayev K.A., Ramazanova B.A., Nurmanbetova F.N., director of DEMW Abirova M.A., deputy director of the Institute of University Development Sarsenbayeva S.S., dean of faculty of professional education Kozhimbetova G., head of Department of International Cooperation Rustemova A.M., chief accountant Kozhimbetova G., and the 4th grade  student of the faculty of General medicine Dosbol visited Taipei Medical University in December 12-18, 2014. Professor Peter Chang, visiting-professor of KazNMU was an initiator of this visit..

December 16, 2014.The Minister of Health and social wellbeing of Taiwan Mr. Qiu Wan-da accepted delegation of KAZNMU. Deputy director of the organization of clinical and social care Dr. Shui-Long Lin, staff of Ministry and Taipei Hospital participated in the meeting.The minister noted importance of visit of the Kazakhstan delegation to Taipei and the existing opportunities for cooperation.

The delegation of KazNMU was acquainted with health system of Taiwan during negotiations.Taiwan’s health is currently included in CNN list of «Ten things that Taiwan does better than other countries». The health system of Taiwan is on the fifth place among ten best health systems in the world according to Discovery channel rating. Along with obvious progress, the Taiwan health care, as well as in other countries including Kazakhstan has a problem of shortage of the medical personnel in rural areas and difficulty of receiving medical care in the remote regions.

Prospects of cooperation of medical universities of two countries are discussed.The joint activity of universities sworn brothers aimed at the development and mutual strengthening of various sectors and areas of work exists in practice of Taiwan medical education.

Professor Tulebayev informed foreign colleagues about health system and social work of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and also about system of training doctors in our country. Productive dialogue and exchange of views on mutually beneficial opportunities for the development of different areas of health and social work were discussed.

Upon completion of professor Tulebayev presented a memorable gift to Minister Mr. Qiu Wang-da on behalf KazNMU.

December17, 2014.The meeting of representatives KazNMU with Mr. Yen Yun, President (Rector) of Taipei Medical University (TMU) was held. TMU is a private research university. It is managed by the Board of Trustees, which appoints the President who is elected every 3 years. TMU takes the 350th place according to QS WUR rankingand the 46th place in QS Asia WUR ranking. More than 6000 students of all levels of education including 4000 bachelor students in 7 schools study at TMU. Annually the School of medicine accepts 135 students.  The university provides training in three own clinics for 3000 beds. Clinics of university are accredited by JCI. The main directions of scientific work are researches in the field of oncology and neuro sciences. The policy of university such is that each teacher participates in 1 and more scientific projects, and the perspective university staffs getstate research grants.

In the same day there was a meeting with professor Elbert Chiou, vice-presidents of TMU, professor Chao-Ching Huang, dean of School of Medicine, professor Nai-Wen Kuo, dean of international office, Shawn Chen, deputy dean of international office, Dawn Chen, head of sector for formation of TMU international office, and also with visiting professor of TMU – professor Valeri Crawford (USA).

There was discussion concerning international cooperation of two universities.Students, masters, and PhD students from Ethiopia, Indonesia, Malaysia, islands of the Caribbean Region, Vietnam came to the meeting. The delegation of KazNMU told about cooperation with more than 100 medical organizations and scientific centers of 26 countries of the world. 440 foreign students from 42 countries study in TMU. The closest cooperation is carried out with higher education institutions of Indonesia. All programs of postgraduate (magistracy and PhD) education are in English. PhD training is not free (fee is charged) for foreign students.

In December 17, 2014 university administration made tour of the campus of Taipei Medical University including visit to the School of Dentistry, museum, library with 100,000 books, 10,000 electronic books, monographs, and to computer rooms.

December18, 2014.KazNMU delegation visited the School of Medicine and one of the university hospitals of TMU (Taoyuan General Hospital).They got acquainted with the work of Division of Reproductive Medicine, Nutrition and healthy eating, Center for Disease Control, breast cancer and others.The discussion was held with representatives of TMUheaded by professor Peter Chang at the end of the visit to clinic.  They discussed KazNMU areas that must be developed to allow our university to enter QS WUR ranking. Professor Peter Chang shared his vision on advance of KazNMU in the world rating.

Conclusion:the purpose of the visit to Taipei Medical University was to study the experience of best practices for the development of medical university and study of international recognition – entryinto the prestigious QS WUR ranking. TMU has made significant strides in research and international co-operation for a short period. According to professor Peter Chang, it was a difficult process consisted of sequence deliberate steps. Support from the government and the Ministry of Health and Social Work, donate aid, investment by university management in development of international cooperation (1 million USD annually), strong base of academic experts, favorable research environment, competent strategy in scientific research (each teacher is involved in research projects and published annually in IMPACT journals), internationalization of educational environment (bachelor’s degree programs are in Chinese, and other all postgraduate training programs are in English) played a major role.   Professor Peter Chang has organized meetings with key representatives of education, health, social security, national insurance system, clinical medicine and medical education in Taiwan, which have allowed the delegation of KazNMU understand which path is chosen for the development of the country, what are the advantages of the education system that need to be improved, what Taiwan practices are most useful for Kazakhstanmedical education.

Theresults of visit of KazNMU delegation to TMU: (1)Development of the draft program for cooperation in various fields; (2) Formation of suggestions for improvement of various activities of KAZNMU as a matter of experience TMU; (3) Attraction of professor Peter Chang as a consultant to improve the main activities of KazNMU and entry into QS WUR ranking.