The results of the social survey of employers’ opinion about KazNMU graduates


 The results of the social survey of employers’ opinion about KazNMU graduates


In December 2014, Centre for monitoring, analysis of education quality and accreditation (MAEQA) conducted social survey on the study «Employers’ opinion on preparation level of KazNMUgraduates».

Objective:identify preparation level, skills and competences of the graduates from medical universities.

The respondents were employers – representatives of the health firms from Kazakhstanregions (Almaty,Almaty region, North Kazakhstan region, West Kazakhstan region, East Kazakhstan region, South Kazakhstan region and Zhambyl region). For the collection of the primary data, the quantitative research method was used, that is questionnaires with analyzing of subjective opinion of the respondents on the study. 146 questionnaires were sent to the regions, 81 completed questionnaires with comments were received. This amount according to social standards is sufficient for processing and subsequent analysis of the results. The quantity of respondents by region: Almaty – 24, Almaty region – 21, EKR and NKR – 8, WKR – 15, SKR – 7, Jambyl region – 6.

Results:The lack of practical training of graduates was the main subject that employers mentioned. The employers almost from all regions of Kazakhstan mentioned the importance of quality training and the need to increase practice hours (65% of the respondents).The importance of the clinical thinking development of the graduates also was mentioned. Then, in terms of references, is the problem of shortage of pediatric specialists. There were proposal for professional orientation activities aimed at promoting the study of Pediatrics, from the 1st course, developing training programs for pediatricians from the 1st course. According to the study, pediatric specialists are needed mostly in the medical institutions of Almaty and Almaty region.The greatest number of comments of appreciation about the quality of the university education of doctors were received from employers of West Kazakhstan region («… thank you for the smart and responsible graduates»). Some respondents noted that the most important issue in university education is forming a sense of responsibility for people’s lives. The employers of East and North Kazakhstan made attention to the importance of professional skills development on microsurgery, outpatient interventions and offered to train interns in pathological anatomy again.

Conclusion:Overall, the majority of respondents (74%) aresatisfied by the preparation level of KazNMUgraduates.