The center of communicative skills of D. Draper was carried out by advanced training courses for medical psychologists and social workers


The center of communicative skills of D. Draper with support of Institute of post-degree formation of KAZNMU within «» Winter school-2014″ (13.01.2014 — 01.02.2014) finished training of medical psychologists, social workers. Experts from Esik, Talgar, Shymkent and other regions of the country took part in training

For participants advanced training courses on the following subjects were organized and carried out:

1  .  Bases of psychotherapy – (13.01.2014-25.01.2014)

2 . Conflictology – (13.01.2014-25.01.2014)

3 . Communicative skills in medical institutions — (20.01.2014-01.02.2014)

By training cadets at the rate «Bases of Psychotherapy» besides theoretical preparation, to participants were given classes on clinical bases of chair of communicative skills, fundamentals of psychotherapy, the general and medical psychology where teachers imparted experience and showed practical skills of psychodiagnostics and psychotherapeutic and psychocorrectional impacts on different patients: with oncological, eye, skin and venereologic diseases, with mental disorders and tuberculosis.

On the course termination certificates on the successful termination of a course were handed over to participants.

After delivery of certificates, cadets willingly shared the impressions and wishes:

The course passed very actively, interestingly! I got, it is a lot of new theoretical knowledge which with pleasure wants to be put into practice. Many thanks to teachers of a course!

Yours faithfully Indeykina Olga, Almaty

The course was useful to me both theoretically knowledge, and its practical part. It was especially interesting to participate on trainings of personal growth and to meet real patients in different medical institutions. It was fascinating and memorable experience!

Yours faithfully, psychologist Aleksandra Semikina!

I express the gratitude to the Center of communicative skills, and especially I want to tell thanks to professor Assimov Marat Abubakriyevich, to Doshchanov Dauren Hizatovich, Bagiyarova Fatima Arystanovna!

I received invaluable baggage of knowledge and skills in the sphere of communicative skills of the medical worker! I very much liked the atmosphere and methods of presentation of information, the training material All was available and interesting!

On training I understood how it is important actually that it is necessary to teach it our doctors as it is an important problem today!

I wish you prosperity and development! Progress in your further work!

Yours faithfully Sapargaliyeva M. N., Semei