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The Seminar of  the visiting-professor Nida Zemaitiene (Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Kaunas city) on the topic  “Youth Suicide Risk Behaviour: Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention” was held  in the Center of Communicative Skills named after J. Draper, on 10,December -14,December,2012.

Nida Zemaitiene, PhD – is a psychologist, professor at Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, head of the Department of Health Psychology, certificated  trainer and consultant for psychosocial support and crisis management in Eastern European countries.

There were about 80 participants among them practical psychiatrists, resident- psychiatrists, lecturers and probationer-lecturers for KazNMU, school and university psychologists.

A lot of questions were discussed, such as current problems of suicide epidemiology, crisis psychology, suicidal behavior, alchoholisation influence on increasing number of suicidal events among young people. Some interactive forms of studying were used –role playing, discussion, group work for situation problem solving, video materials, etc.

All the participants got certificates of  attendence.

Further cooperation, including scientific project, between  the staff of  the Center of Communicative Skills and the visiting-professor Nida Zemaitiene (Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Kaunas city) has been planned.

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