The project coordinator for the university is Artikbaeva N.- Director of the Department of Academic Activities

Developers of educational programs:

Ryspekova Sh. – Headof Department”Normal Physiology;

Kasymova G. – Professor of the Department “Internal Diseases №3”;

Kamaliev M. – Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Headof Department  “Public Health”;

KozhekenovaZh.- Associate Professor of Department “Public Health”;

Sokolov A.  – Professor of the department “Normal Physiology»

Administrative and technical personnel:

Dyusenova N. – The senior methodologist of the educational-methodical department (the secretary of the project);

Baktybaeva A. – Director of the Department of Language Disciplines (translator of the project);

Kaibullaev – Leading Specialistof Marketing and Communications Department