Survey of the Organizational Climate in Kazakh National Medical University named after S.D. Asfendiyarova.


The survey was carried out by visiting-professor Orvill Adams (Canada) and personnel of the Center for monitoring and scientific support of medical education of KazNMU from March to July 2013. This is the first research project of international level using recognized techniques for studying the views of respondents, conducted by the Centerfor monitoring and scientific support of medical education. The questionnaire included questions designed to clarify the characteristics of the organization of work and environment at the university, as well as to identify mechanisms that can contribute to high-efficiency work at the University.

The meeting chaired by the rector A. Akanov was held in October 9, 2013 in order to inform the heads of departments with the results of research, discussion of identified problems and to determine further management to improve all types of work at KazNMU. Orvill Adams and TalgatKilybayev reported the main results of survey and recommendations for improvement (The full report is available at the heads of departments).During the discussion, the rector A. Akanov and the heads of departments of KazNMU assessed the work done and identifiedthe objectivesto improve all activities at the university.  O.M.Mirzabekov, Director of the Institute of the University, presented a proposal to undertake an analysis for the effectiveness of new divisions, concepts and strategies approved by the Academic Council, the revision of the strategic plans of all structures, investigate the causes of a large amount of document circulation in KazNMU and give advice on how to systematize it.

Orvill Adams offered to conduct a similar survey in 2 years and compare both results. In conclusion, rectorA.Akanov and all participants thanked Mr. Orville Adams and team of the Center for monitoring and scientific support of medical education for the work done.