Of associate professor at department of obstetrics and gynecology (course №3) of KazNMU named after Asfendiyarov S.D.
candidate of medical sciences Dzhardemaliyeva Nurzhamal Zhenisovna, 1972 year of birth


Dzhardemaliyeva Nurzhamal Zhenisovna, graduated Almaty State medical institute on specialty of «medical affair» in 1995y.
After graduation of institute from 09.1995y. till 01.1996y. passed internship on the base of Perinatal center Almaty city. From 01.1996y. till 10.1997y. — worked as the doctor obstetrician and gynecologist in this organization.

From 11.1997y. till 11.2000y. studied in a postgraduate education of republican research center of mother and child healthcare.
In 09.2001 accepted on position of assistant of department of obstetrics and gynecology KazNMU, responsible for an educational process (it was an educational assistant, educational associate professor), in addition was responsible on courses on bachelor and responsible on residency.

In 2001 defended the candidate dissertation on a subject: «Forecasting of pregnancy and childbirth at the women who had obstetric bleedings in the previous labor».

From 12.2011 for present day I am the associate professor of department of internship and residency on obstetrics and gynecology of KazNMU. In 09.2016y. a department is renamed in the department of obstetrics and gynecology (course №3).

In 2012 y. – «Best Teacher of  КаzNМU» -3- place.

In 2014 y. — «Best Teacher of  КаzNМU» -2- nd place.

From 2013-15 y. – Chairman of Working Group on Introduction of Innovative Techniques in Educational Process.

From August 2017 y. – Dean of  International Medical Faculty

The general length of experience – 20 years, scientific and pedagogical 16 years.

Nowadays clinical work  which based on antenatal clinic at GP No. 8. I advise the patients of high risk group and review cases of maternal and perinatal death rate.

During the work in the specialty has seized techniques of inspection, diagnostics, treatment, rendering the emergency help to pregnant women, women in labor, women in childbirth and gynecologic patients.

Constantly trained for professional development on pedagogics and specialty the obstetrician-gynecologist and engaged in self-education — study medical literature, attend seminars, society of obstetricians-gynecologists of city and participate in scientific and practical conferences.

I speak fluent Kazakh, Russian and English in languages.

Marital status: married, two children.



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