Strategic directions of development high medical school in KAZNMU


In connection with the necessity of making of single strategy of the continuous teaching of «bachelor – internship — rezidency- specialization —  training — training – retraining» in KAZNMU  of the name of S.D.Asfendiyarov is created Higher medical school in 2012 of February 28 (decision of Scientific Council KAZNMU about creation of Higher medical school, protocol  number 7), in the structure of which included: dean’s office of professional preparation  (internship), dean’s office of rezidency, graduate and doctoral studies and department of employment and career of graduating students.

According to  State standard of education-2006 from 2014, every graduating student of faculty of «General medicine» is under an obligation will be to pass teaching in internship. After training in internship on speciality «general Practitioner» can begin independent practice or continue training in rezidency. After training in internship on «Therapy», «Paediatrics»,«Obstetrics-gynaecology», «Surgery», passing of rezidency is obligatory, after completion of which it is possible to begin independent practice or continue the further teaching in a city council or PhD.

The dean’s office of professional preparation (internship) carries out in 2012-2013 school years teaching of 971 interns on the programs of two year internship, and according to the model of medical education of KAZNMU, based on 6 specialities (State standard of education -2006): therapy, general medical practice, paediatrics, obstetrics-gynaecology, surgery, stomatology general practitioner.

On State standard of education -2003 (2005) 933 interns  trained on specialities of one-year internship: therapy, general practitioner, paediatrics, surgery, child’s surgery, accoucheur-gynaecologist, stomatology general practitioner.

In 2012-2013 school years with the purpose of filling in the shots of practical health protection, in obedience to the requests of management of health protection of Almaty city, Almaty and Zhambyl regions and by order of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the 2012-2013 school years in internship preparation goes 39 doctors on narrow specialities (State standard of education -2003(2005): infectious diseases, including child; ophthalmology, including child; anaesthesiology-reanimation.

Teaching is passed by interns from the countries of near and distant foreignness: Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, India, Pakistan, Palestine.

In the dean’s office of doctoral studies of PhD, city councils and rezidency training in 2012-2013 school years is carried out for 31 specialities of rezidency (120 residents), for 7 specialities of city council (61 magistrant), for to 3 specialities of  doctoral specializations (12 doctoral students).

Academic mobility – one of priority directions of the international activity in KAZNMU. Academic mobility gives possibility for interns, residents and young scientists to continue their education or purchase scientific experience abroad by participating in the short-term educational or research program. The purpose of development of the programs of academic mobility is  improving the quality of education, improve understanding between peoples and cultures, bringing up a new generation prepared for life and work in the international community. Residents and graduate students of HMS were trained in Russia, Turkey, Spain, China.

With the purpose of realization of model KAZNMU at level of HMS is adapted within the framework of operating  State standard of education with an orientation on the receipt of certain jurisdictions on every stage of teaching educational programs on every speciality, the sequence of forming of jurisdictions of graduating student is certain on the levels of teaching for every speciality.

23 departments are included in the structure of HMS, where teaching and scientific activity is carried out by 48 professors, 51 associate professor, 68 assistants of candidates of medical sciences, 2 PhD, and also 78 teachers of clinical bases (combine with the first and higher medical categories and large experience on speciality) which  promote the professional and pedagogical level constantly. The role of teachers of HMS consists of support interns, residents, magistrants, doktoral students in the learning process, which can understand what it means to be a doctor, just a genuine responsibility to care for the patient.

The departments of HMS are based in highly hospitals in city and regional hospitals, in policlinics and organizations of family medicine, where  students work with patients in different clinical terms. Interns and residents working at clinical sites with sufficient numbers of patients with different clinical diseases, reflecting the demographics of the contingent, with whom they will work in the future.

In order to optimize and monitor the employment of university graduates with career February 28, 2011 order of the rector for the number 474l was organized by the «placement and career.»

The main objective of the Service is — the organization and management of the University’s professional orientation work and promote the employment of graduates. As of November 12, 2012 79% of graduates are employed, trained from 2010-2012.

To address the issue of employment of graduates and professional capacity of health facilities of RK, the following activities:

* Collection of applications to the database on the need for medical personnel from the management of health protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan and health facilities

* Meeting of graduates with representatives of management of health protection and LPU RK

* Conducting «Job Fair»

* Personalized distribution of graduates

* Contact with graduates and employers (surveys)

* Monitoring of the implementation of the program by employers on social support of young professionals (survey questionnaire)

* Professional orientation of first-year students and interns for entry into a residency in the field of the state must be seen

* Developed and approved, three-way memorandum of cooperation between the MoH, and Akim of Almaty city, Almaty, Zhambyl regions.