Department of Youth Policy


Head of department:

Zholdasbay Nurzhan

Telephone:8(727) 3387073 (internal phone 7799)

Email:   [email protected]

About Departament

The department of developing socio-cultural competences of students is an independent structural subdivision of the University responsible for implementation of national youth policy in KazNMU named after S.D.Asfendiyarov. The priority in the work of the department is predictive analysis for environmental influence on student behavior and achievement. The main objectives of the department:

Promoting tolerance and moral engagement in a KazNMU with a diverse ethnic composition;

Serving as coach, mentor, counselor or cultural mediator, developing positive and trusting relationships among students;

Providing services to enhance students’ academic success, personal skills, and social skills;

Support students’ intellectual development, personal growth, and community advancement;

Inculcating the KazNMU core values and traditions, keeping traditions of the University alive;

Providing anti-corruption conferences, trainings and presentations.

We welcome feedback and suggestions to constantly improve the tools being provided to best meet the needs of the students. Feedback and suggestions can be directed to [email protected].

Structure of Department

  • Department for the educational work and social support of students
  • Group of developing students’ Self- Management
  • Art center of  KazNMU