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Scientific-practical conference of the University Days in 2014:
«Problems of medical psychology, communicative skills and social work in Kazakhstan: Status and Prospects»

A scientific-practical conference has passed at the Center for Communication Skills named after Juliet Draper in 12.04.2014 in conjunction with the Department of communicative skills, basics of psychotherapy, general and medical psychology in the Days of the University 2014: «Problems of medical psychology, communication skills and social work in Kazakhstan: Status and Prospects» organized by KazNMU named after S.D. Asfendiyarov, became a practical response to the social order about the organization of medical and psychological services in Republic of Kazakhstan.

The aim was to summarize the experience of practical work in the psychology, social work and communicative skills and methodological support for the development of communicative skills in a healthcare condition.
Had participated: practical educators, social workers, health psychology. The guests were Walter Hanclosky, Professor of University of South Carolina., MD, an expert on communication skills in medicine (University of Cambridge, UK), the leading scientists of Kazakhstan.
In the discussion were discussed:
«Using Multiple Instructional Methodologies in the Flipped Classroom».
«Monitoring of psychological support in the modernization of education
«Problems of communicative approach of providing a medical and social
care at the Premedical first aid’s level. »
«Depression in oncology.»
«Features of the social teacher’s activity.»
«Theoretical and methodological approaches to the formation of coping strategies of self-control
The plenary meeting led to wide range of specialists familiar with the situation in the formation of communicative competence of the future physician.
Participants support the basic of strategic priorities of the Centre of communicative skills to enhance the scope for the development of communication skills of medical students, and improving the quality of medical services.

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