School of Public health named after Kh.Dosmukhamedov.


About carrying out the VII Annual International Winter School

“Topical issues of public health: evidence based public health”


For realization “A comprehensive plan of the main actions for realization of strategy of development of KazNMU of S.D.Asfendiyarova on 2015-2016 academic year” from January 25 to January 29, 2016 the Institute of public health and the Center of evidence based medicine of Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University organized and carried out a Winter School on a subject “Topical issues of public health care: evidence based public health”.

29 students, representatives of 6 medical schools of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Kyrgyz Republic took part in work of Winter School: Semey State medical university, the West-Kazakhstan state medical university named after M. Ospanov, the Karaganda state medical university, the Kazakh-Russian medical university, the Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University, the Kyrgyz state medical academy named after I.K. Akhunbayev.

In the organization and carrying out Winter School active support was given by the Youth Center of health of KazNMU which representatives were also trained at seminars of Winter School.

With welcome speech to participants acted the academician Sharmanov T.Sh., deputy rector professor Tulebayev K.A., director of Institute of public health care Turdaliyeva B. S.

Made reports: Sharmanov T.Sh., academician NAS RK, Chairman of the Supervisory board of KazNMU, MD, professor; Akanov A.A., professor, Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Meimanaliyev T.S., professor, MD, adviser of WHO; Baisugurova V. Yu., PhD, head of the Center of evidence based medicine of KazNMU; Kosherbayeva L.K., PhD, department chair “The international health care” of KazNMU; Asimov M. A., professor, department chair of communicative skills of KazNMU, Bagiyarova F.A., associate professor of communicative skills of KazNMU; Konrad T.Juszkiewicz, MD, MPH, professor, DRK Biomedical Research and Development LLC. (USA) viziting-professor of KazNMU; Zhusupov B.S., MSc, department chair “Biostatistics” of KazNMU; Yekaterina Bumburidi, MD, Medical Epidemiologist CDC/Central Asia Regional Office Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Gabitova Guzyal, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Central Asia Region.

On completion of training for participants was organized the Debate tournament on a subject “Evidence based public health: pros and cons.

Winners of the Debate tournament were marked out by memorable souvenirs and gifts. Abiyeva Akbota, the student of the 4th course of faculty “Public health care” of KazNMU became the best speaker of the Debate tournament. All participants were received certificates.

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