Personal Growth Club “The Rainbow”.

  Art therapy is one of the most mysterious areas of psychotherapy. Art is  art therapy – treatment. Art therapy is one of the most flexible but it is deep in the arsenal of methods for psychologists and psychotherapists. Drawing provides a natural opportunity for the development of imagination, flexibility and plasticity of thinking.

During the work, the participants came into contact with out-therapy, molded from clay and gypsum (mask therapy), origami, applique, and other projective psychological techniques. Leaders and consultants: prof. Asimov, MA, T.V. Fomenko

The trainers: Zainov Medet, Buitekova Zhulduz, Galymova Sarra, Arystanbekov Dias, Klepikov Dmitrii , Sydykov Meyer , Momynov Bakhytzhan , Mukhtarkhanova Dyalyara, Bairamov Binali, Rakhimov Arkhat, and Fomenko Tatyana.

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