Our partners


1. Acibadem University Turkey, Istanbul January, 27, 2011


2. IMC Fachhochschule Krems University of Applied Sciences Austria, Krems From October,14, 2009 till October,14,2011
3. The University of South Carolina School of Medicine USA, South Carolina From August,24, 2010 till May,31,2012
4. l’Universita Degli Studi di Perugia Italy, Perugia From June,4,2010 till June,4, 2015
5. National Hospital Organization Nagasaki Medical Center Japan, Omura October,30,2009 (unlimited)
6. Ritsumeikan University and Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Japan, Beppu December,12,2008  (unlimited)
7. Nagasaki University Japan, Nagasaki August, 17,2009  (for 5 year)
8. Medizinische Hochschule Hannover Gynaecology Research Unit Germany, Hannover July,10,2007  (unlimited)
9. Shanghai University of  traditional Chinese medicine PRC, Shanghai December,8, 2006  (unlimited)
10. National Pharmaceutical University Ukraine, Kharkov April,2010 (unlimited)
11. Kirov State Medical Academy Russia, Kirov December,10, 2010  (unlimited)
12. Perm State Medical Academy named after academician E.A.Vagner Russia, Perm December, 3, 2010  till December,3, 2015
13. First Moscow State Medical University named after I.M. Sechenov Russia, Moscow December, 2, 2010 till December, 2, 2015
14. Post graduate course of stomatology of Chonbuk National University South Korea, Chonbuk March,27, 2008  (unlimited)
15. Parkway College of Nursing and Allied Health Singapore September, 2010 г. (unlimited)
16. Krasnoyarsk State Medical Academy Russia, Krasnoyarsk June,11, 2010  (unlimited)
17. Moscow State Stomatological University Russia, Moscow October,16, 2009  (unlimited)
18. Kyrgyzstan State Medical Academy Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek December,8, 2010 (unlimited)
19. Hannover medical school Germany, research on cancer of mammary gland Finished in 2009
20. National medical University named after Bogomoletz Ukraine, Kiev October, 10, 2008 г.

For 3 year with opportunity of further prolongation

21. Municipal Social Organization for development of psychology  «Novosibirsk Gestalt-Center» Russia, Novosibirsk April, 16,  2007  (unlimited)
22. Research institute of clinical immunology of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences Russia, Moscow April, 5, 2007  (unlimited)
23. Research institute of clinical and experimental lymphology of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences Russia, Moscow March, 21, 2007 till

March, 21, 2012

24. Moscow  Research institute of Pediatrics and pediatric surgery Russia, Moscow November, 27, 2006 till November, 27, 2011
25. Scientific Center of Children Health of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences Russia, Moscow July, 20, 2006 (unlimited)
26. Slovak University of Public health and social sciences of St. Elizabeth Slovakia, Bratislava June, 16, 2006  (unlimited)
27. Prague Center of Development Czech Republic, Prague January, 21, 2011
28. Xinjian medical university PRC, Urumqi January,10, 2011  (unlimited)
29. Cyprus International University CIU Turkey, Haspolat Lefkosa April,14, 2011 till

April, 14, 2016

30. University of Haifa Israel, Haifa March, 15, 2011 (unlimited)
31. Kaplan Medical Center and Harzfeld Hospital Israel, Rekhovot March, 17, 2011  (unlimited)
32. Medical University of Gdansk Poland, Gdansk April, 9, 2011


33. International high school of medicine «International university of Kyrgyzstan» Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek April, 11, 2011 for  5 year
34. Erzincan University Turkey April, 27, 2011 (unlimited)
35. USAID Project  «Qualitative public health» USA May,12, 2011 (unlimited)
36. European academy of natural sciences Germany, Hannover May, 2011 (unlimited)
37. Health Science’s University of  Mongolia Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences of Mongolia Mongolia April,22, 2011 (unlimited)
38. Tashkent institute of advanced medical study named after Rahimzhanov Uzbekistan, Tashkent June, 7, 2011, for 5 year
39. Lithuanian university of health sciences Lithuania, Kaunas June,08, 2011(unlimited)
40. Poznan University of Medical Sciences Poland, Poznan July,14, 2011, for 5 year
41. Yerevan State Medical University named after Mhitar Geraci Armenia, Yerevan July, 2011, for 5 year