Meeting on the theme «Бірлігі жарасқан ел мықты»


On the 26 of April at 14.00 o`clock At the chair of Foreign Languages was held the meeting on the theme «Бірлігі жарасқан ел мықты» in participating 15-009GМ, 14-008 (1) SТ 14-006(2) SТ groups.
Contestants: the head of the chair, associate professor SuleimenovaO.Ya., responsible for upbringing work senior teacher Shaikhova M.A., teacher Alparov T.T.
Organizers: teacher TulebaevZh.A., teacher Ibragimova A.M., teacher Omarova A.A.
The meeting which has the great informative meaning was held in 3 languages, this meeting could contribute the student`s views in learning foreign languages and develop their creative abilities.