«Life sciences» Department


Mission: «Life sciences» Department is created and operated for the purpose of coordination and integration of interdisciplinary teaching and research on the problem of healthy and sick organisms, the students are involved into the formation of the professional competence fundamentals of doctors within the basic biomedical sciences.

Life sciences — is the basic medical discipline that contributes to a fundamental understanding of life phenomena, structure and function of living forms, in order to use the knowledge gained in the diagnosis later, treatment and prevention of human diseases. The study of basic medical sciences is necessary for the development and application of student knowledge of concepts and methods that are fundamental to the subsequent acquisition and application of acquired skills into practice.

This  mission is realized in the following major areas of the Department:

1. Education: further implementation of ECTS in the departments of basic disciplines (focused on student credit-modular system).

         2.Scientific Researches: issues of life quality and longevity, translational medicine and global health.

3.Professional: development of professional, scientific, educational and personal competencies of teachers.


  1. Further systematic improvement of educational programs for students to master basic skills, including inter-and transdisciplinary principles;
  2.  Ensuring academic mobility of students and faculty;
  3. Development of models of educational programs for each course of disciplines and specialties;
  4. systematic evaluation of educational programs and student progress, providing identification and consideration of emerging issues, with the subsequent development of preventive and corrective measures, measures for further improvement;
  5. coordination of research activities on their own chairs and integrated (multidisciplinary) scientific issues;
  6. learning through research — based on personal department experience and the modern world of scientific technologies including the educational program of teaching which forms the elements of scientific thought;
  7. systematic improvement of the level of pedagogical and professional skills of the faculty departments
  8. A license to conduct educational activities to the appropriate specialty research and teaching graduate: developing educational programs, post-graduate training for higher and postgraduate education and research sector, with in-depth scientific and pedagogical training, including interdisciplinary majors.


Director of the department

Rustam R.Yussupov

candidate of medical sciences (PhD), an associate professor.

telephone: 8-/727/-260-13-77

e-mail: [email protected]


The list of departments- members of «Life sciences» Department:

  1. Department of Molecular Biology (Kuandikov E.U.)
  2. Department of Physiology Course valeology (Sokolov A.D.)
  3. Department of Microbiology, Virology and Immunology (Ramazanova B.A.)
  4. Department of Biochemistry (Pleshkova S.M.)
  5. Department of Pathological Physiology (Nurmuhambetov A.N.)
  6. Department of General Immunology (Shortanbaev A.A.)