The library was founded in 1931 and it is of great value in providing educational process and forming comprehensively developed and competitive specialists. From the time of its existence, the library is made a great contribution on scientific-research and pedagogical university activity. The role of medical university as one of the leader in the system of inter high school and international connection is formed under the influence of cultural impuls of the library.

Nowadays it has more million of books, electronic literature-6588 copies in Russian and English languages. The library occupies territory of 2020 square metres and includes catalogue rooms, book depository, reading-halls of educational and social-political literature, reading-halls for teachers, electronic catalogue, subscription of art literature, electronic reading-hall, computer class.

The library is a cultural and educational centre of the university, springboard for working out innovative technologies and a traditional place for meetings with honoured workers of culture, science and art for carrying out dialogues, discussions on the latest achievements of up-to-date conceptions.

It’s equipped by modern technical facilities: computers, printers, Xerox und etc, it’s connected to universal local network and it has its own page on university Web- site, “Rabis” library program.