Learning in English language


In 10th of October 2013, by the organizing of Department on academic works hold a meeting with the 1-2 year students who studies in English department. The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss the way of organization and supporting of the educational process in the English language. The event was attended by teachers   and directors of all departments of University as well as:

—         М.А. Аbirova  director of the department of academic works;

—         E.A. Slavko- deputy director of the department of academic works;

—          M.S. Sarybaev — director of the department  general studies;

—         G.K. Izbasarova -head of DEMW;

—         R.T. Dzhumasheva — dean of the General Medicine Faculty;

—         A.O. Bopanova -head of the office register;

—         N.A.Toleeva-director of Language training center;

—         K.E. Kuangalieva head of the control  office on educational process;

In generally teachers and all students positively evaluated the level of organizing of learning in English language.  However the number of many questions were discussed and listened very   carefully  including the provision of literature exactly lack of  books in English,  and professional  level of knowing English language  of teachers , more efficient scheduling of  time table  for students, which require further adjustments.

The next meeting will hold on 22nd of October 2013.