KazNMU: new development strategy


KazNMU vision and mission:

Recognized by the international community as a socially responsible leader in medical education, producing competitive and demanded in the labor market specialists to ensure the unity of science, education and practice through the introduction of innovative technologies in all spheres of activity, developing a national medical school and preserving medical traditions.

Competitive advantages of Asfendiyarov Kazakh National medical university
National status of the university
National recognition of the quality of the University education
High quality of all activities of the University in accordance with international standards
Corporate Culture
Competitiveness of graduates
Effective management
National status of the university

In the new academic year the University accepted 1445 applicants, among which are 206 «Altyn Belgi», 72 winners of the Olympic Games, 9 graduates of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools

The concentration of the best teachers, scientists, researchers
1.7 thousand qualified teachers, including 6 academicians of NAS RK,
2 academicians Russian Academy of Sciences, 3 Corresponding Member of NAS RK,
20 members of the Academy of Preventive Medicine and the Academy of Natural Sciences, 167 — MD, 454 — PhDs and professors,
7 holders of the «Best teacher of the Republic of Kazakhstan» title
Great resource base,
rebranding University
More than 400 foreign professors invited from 23 countries
The concentration of top students
The active involvement of foreign faculty

National recognition of the quality of the University education
Institutional accreditation of the University with the participation of experts of the World Federation for Medical Education (December 2012)
State certification of the University of MES RK and MoH (December 2013)
People quality mark «perfectly» of the National Consumers League of Kazakhstan
Top 35 higher education institutions of the Customs Union with high efficiency operation. KazNMU awarded the medal «leaders» (November 2013)
Top 10 National University Rankings 2014 (IQAA)
1st place National ranking medical universities in 2014 (IQAA)
1st place in the national rankings of educational health programs in 2014 on a 5-level educational programs of undergraduate training
High quality of all activities of the University in accordance with international standards
Certification to the International Standard ISO 9001: 2008 (SGS Group, a certificate until 2017)
KazNMU web-site on the 2917 place in Webometrics ranking of world university web- (July 2014) and is one of 5 best web-sites of Kazakhstan
Contract with 99 foreign universities. In the last academic year concluded 10 agreements, including 5 universities in the top 500
Membership in international associations: AMEE, ADEE, EUA, IUA, GSM Barcelona, ASPHER, FDI, EROFDI, the World Federation of Pharmacists, the Association for Distance Education «Siberian Open University».
Informatization of the educational process (Wi-Fi, Internet on campus, AIS KazNMU, individual netbooks)
Broad public awareness activities KazNMU (more than 170 illuminations in the year in the media about the activities of the university).

Competitiveness of graduates
Successful assessment of knowledge of KazNMU 2013-2014 year interns in the independent evaluation of knowledge of graduates of medical schools RK (qualitative indicator — 95%)
Employment of graduates KazNMU — 96%
Contract with the Health Department of the city of Almaty and 12 regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan on joint training of graduates KazNMU
Fielding practice of interns in 8 regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Growth of the scientific activity of students – during last 4 years the number of students involved in the research work has increased by 3.2 times from 23% to 77%
During the school year, more than 50 students became winners of international contests and competitions of scientific works in the universities of Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Portugal, Malaysia.
KazNMU Students won the top prize winners in international sports events and competitions

Corporate Culture
Basic values, to be followed by faculty, staff and students
Compliance with the Student’s Code of honor, the Teacher’s Code of Honor Code and Employee’s Code of Honor
Following the traditions of the University
The program for personal growth and development of the student

Effective management
Democratic governance
Joint and several liability of all employees for the final results
Following the mission and vision KazNMU
Transition to Corporate Governance
Implementation of international standards of financial management
Unity of education, science and practice in medical education
Strengthening the role of the research university at the national and international levels
Improve the forms of educational management
KPI Programme
Average monthly salaries in the last 3 years increased by 30%.

Along with the success, the University created new challenges:
Increased competition among training health workforce.
Medical schools of Kazakhstan, actively and rapidly introduce innovative technologies in all areas of its activities
New medical schools are opened at Nazarbayev University School of Medicine and in al Farabi KazNU, in partnership with the top 100 universities.
The goal – is the introduction of best international practices
There is an association of national holdings medical centers and medical universities, thereby improving and strengthening the scientific and practical basis for training students
Existing potential and opportunities of KazNMU are not not fully used.

Resources, scientific basis, clinical base
 Innovative structure
 International cooperation

It is necessary to maintain high rates of development of the national education
Need to comply with international standards of quality of education
Increased competition in the educational environment
Enhanced requirements for university
Increased requirements for the qualification and competence of teachers and staff of the University
Growth requirements of practical public health graduates of medical schools
Most health organizations are equipped with modern high-tech medical equipment requiring appropriate qualifications and competence of a doctor.
By the period from 2012 to 2014 KazNMU adopted a range of concepts aimed at achieving global competitiveness of the university in education, science and clinical practice
The concept of improving the quality of education in Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University for 2012-2020.
Concept of development of post-graduate medical education and continuing professional development in Asfendiyarov KazNMU for 2014-2017.
Concept of development of research activities in Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University for 2014-2016 years
UNIClinic Concept for 2013-2020
Guidance on the preparation for participation in the ranking KazNMU QS WUR, 2013
The concept of «KazNMU — international university» in 2015-2020.
The new strategy of the University, bringing together all the initiatives of the university to enter the leading positions in all areas and levels of education, and
also receive international recognition
ensure high competitiveness of KazNMU and its transformation to international university.

Characteristics of Universities Top 500 (QS WUR):
Research Quality
Teaching Quality
Graduate Employability
International Outlook


Implementation of the principles of strategic management and corporate governance;
Providing high quality medical and pharmaceutical education at all levels;
Social responsibility and effective interaction with the health sector;
Internationalization of education and integration into the international space of higher education and research through international partnerships / cooperation;
Integration of education, science and practice, and the adoption of information and communication technology and innovation;
Capacity building of staff and faculty of the university, the development of competencies of teachers required for the international level;
Involvement of students in the international student associations, organizations and society.

obtaining the status of scientific research University
Entering University TOP-700 international university Ranking (QS WUR)
International recognition of ORPHEUS
PhD-programs in biomedicine and clinical medicine
1st phase of concept implementation (2015-2017 years):
University corporate governance, focused on the values and traditions of the university
Entry to the top-700 universities in international rankings (QS WUR)
Improved effectiveness of the quality management system and achieved institutional effectiveness
The redeployment of self-government is not less than 50% of departments and units of the University
Decentralized management
Continuity of education levels according to the competence-oriented Model of medical education KazNMU
Accredited educational programs for bachelor’s, master’s and PhD doctorate in accordance with international standards (WFME, ORPHEUS, AMSE)
Achieved competitiveness of graduates. Undergraduates, internship and residency
Ensure the quality of academic mobility of students, teachers, researchers and staff
Long-term strategy for the international recognition ORPHEUS PhD programs KazNMU
An efficiency program to attract foreign lecturers and researchers of foreign universities TOP 500

Clinic and the interaction with the health sector
The network of specialized medical centers on the basis of Joint University Clinic
Increased the number of affiliated health organizations
The implementation of the model of vocational education programs in the priority areas health care with the introduction of distance education and telemedicine
Realized standard of professional educational programs of the NDP in the priority of health, with the introduction of distance learning and telemedicine
Attracted foreign experts for transfer of innovative technologies to the Joint University Clinic
Employment of graduates according to the needs of health professionals in the region and monitoring career KazNMU graduates

International cooperation
Effective partnership and cooperation with partner institutions (99), international organizations and associations with KazNMU institutional membership
Joint educational programs:
training of teachers and health professionals in the framework of tripartite agreements of KazNMU with Almaty Healthcare Department and KengHi University (South Korea);
competence development of teachers with National University of Singapore.
implementation of program 3-party cooperation with Ministry of Health and Social Development and University of Dundee (UK) in the field of education, science and clinics

Scientific activity
A consortium with scientific centers, scientific research institutes of Kazakhstan and foreign universities
Implementation of scientific capacity and increasing publication activity of teachers, researchers and university staff in journals with high IMPACT factor
A program for the development of innovative scientific schools, with results at the international level
Increasing the capacity and competence development of teachers, researchers and university staff:
Development of new, efficient competence of teachers with 100% coverage of all University staff training in this program;
Embedded information and communications, simulation and innovative teaching methods at all levels of education;
Increased the number of teachers who knows foreign language (English) to level necessary for teaching (at least 20%);
The Concept of academic mentor and guiding the work to ensure continuity of the roles and responsibilities of teachers’ — teacher-tutor-Adviser-Mentor Leader «;
Increased the number of employees KazNMU enrolled in master’s programs and doctoral PhD awarded within the international program «Bolashak».

Student support
Аctive participation of students in the activities of international associations / federations of medical students and in international conferences AMEE / AMSE / ORPHEUS on Medical Education
2nd stage of the Concept (2018-2020 years):
Status of national research university;
University of institutional autonomy and academic freedom;
The transition to a multi-level education. Expanded the list of educational services through the opening of new specialties (Bachelor, Master, PhD doctoral residency) in accordance with the needs of the labor market and health care needs
Accredited educational programs in the field of residency;
Increased contingent of foreign students (at least 10%);
Increased the number of foreign teachers / researchers in the state university (not less than 5%);
International recognition by the Organization for PhD programs in biomedicine and clinical medicine in the European System (ORPHEUS) programs KazNMU for PhD Doctorate in biomedicine and clinical medicine;
Accredited research laboratories;
JCA International company of Joint University Clinic.

Field of development in the new 2014-2015 academic year
High quality education
Competent teaching staff
Model of KazNMU medical education at post-graduate training
Scientific potential teachers
Management of the University Clinic
International cooperation

Prosperous University
Successful and dynamic organization — internationally recognized University
Quality culture

Public Relations Department of KazNMU