KazNMU mission and view



Providence of a society with harmonically developed specialists of high and post-diploma education, presenting new knowledge in medicine and pharmacy, rendering ethic, highly qualified medical service and strongly and deeply integrated into the world’s community.


Strategic objective

Creation of effective model of competitive, innovation focused university, rendering highly qualified medical education, up-date scientific investigations on urgent problems of Public health, implemented in practical health care at a medical services market.


S.D. Asfendiyarov KazNMU view:

  • leader in training competitive specialists with high and post-diploma education of the international level;
  • scientific  research centre of development, scientific and innovative potential in the sphere of medical education and science;
  • centre of united informational field forming, providing the unity of science, education and practice, keeping and augmenting  scientific traditions with the following development of national scientific school;
  • clinical centre of advanced prophylaxis technologies, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of patients;
  • leader in the system of continuous professional education;

At the university there are 76 departments and 7 courses at 6 faculties (therapeutic, pediatric, public health, management in public health and pharmacy, general medicine, professional training and 2 faculties (pharmaceutical and stomatological) departments were transformed into modules (pharmaceutical faculty  5 modules, stomatological  9 modules)

The university has introduced and certified the System of Quality Management in the field of “Development and educational services rendering in the sphere of high professional education in medicine; advanced medical high school studies of doctors and teachers; rendering therapeutic  diagnostic services; carrying on scientific investigations in medicine” (Certificate SGS (Sweden) № HU 11/5879 of June, 20,2011).

The control of System of Quality Management is being observed by 40 certified internal auditors including 5 students.

Management is realized through Supervisory board, Academic and Quality Councils weekly meetings of University administration, monthly meetings of department heads and students active bodies. For effective integration with University partners new innovative and educational consortium “Corporate University” has been created.

From September 2011 University developed the program of Innovative development for 2011-2014 years.