Job and Work Attitudes of visiting professor Orvill Adams Bruce Reid.


From 27th  of September till 11th of October 2013  in KazNMU an associate professor of economics from  Ottawa University, Master of International Relations, Department of Epidemiology and Health Services District (Canada) Visiting Professor Orvill Adams Bruce Reed was invited by Department of academic works.

The program of Orville Adams included a training program on «Management of  health system and medical institutions » for the trainee teachers of the 1st year of studying. Education in this program were also 3rd year students of «General Medicine» faculty. During his visit the research work  has been finished  on the theme  » Results of a Survey of the Organizational Climate in the Asfendiyarov Kazkh National University «. The results were presented in 9th of October at the enlarged meeting with  the university administration.