Informational letter


Dear colleagues!

Kazakh National medical university named  after S.D. Asfendiyarov  invites You to take part in the work of International scientific – practical conference: “Experience of realizing Model of  KazNMU competence – based  medical education which will be held in May, 24-25, in Almaty city.

Directions of the conference work:

  • Model of KazNMU medical education : problems and perspectives of realization
  • Bologne  process in a high school as condition for guaranteeing education quality
  • Improvement  of educational process management
  • Integration of education, science and practice
  • Perspectives of realizing KazNMU medical  education model on post-diploma level
  • Problems of forming and developing the competencies of medical high school teacher.

Representatives of RK education and science ministry, RK Public health ministry, rectors of RK high schools, employees of high schools and organizations-partners of KazNMU, practical public health: directors of city and oblast public health departments, chief doctors will take part at the conference.

We would like to invite you and all interested people to   take part in the present conference.

Forms of participation at the conference:

  • Presentation of oral reports
  • Poster report
  • Publication of articles
  • Listener

Applications and a list of delegates with their full name, position, place of work and    themes of  their  reports  for  participation should be submitted to the address of organization committee  center – [email protected]  up to the 1st of  May, 2012y. (see  appendix). Dead line of giving reports is up to April, 25, 2012y.

Organizers of the conference: Department of educational- methodic work, Centre of monitoring the education quality analysis and scientific grounding medical education reform.


The working languages: Russian, Kazakh, English.

The address of the conference: 94 Tolebi str., Almaty, rectorate building “The hall of glory”.

Detailed   information  about  participation  may  be taken from informational letter and site

Rector A. Akanov


Coordinator: Sarsenbayeva S.S.

Tel. 8 (727) 292 69 97, inner: 147

e-mail: [email protected]



Application form:

Application for participation in scientific- practical conference

“Experience in realization of KazNMU medical education model”

1. Full name of a participant
2. City, town/ high school

(completely) 3.Position, academic degree, title 4.Form of participating:

  • Presentation of a report
  • Listener
  • Only publication (articles)

 5Theme of reports (only for presentation) 6Section 7E-mail address 8Contact tel. (it’s obligatory) 9Reservation of hotel room

yes / no


The materials of the conference will be published in journal “Bulletin of KazNMU”


Designing the manuscripts 

1. An article must be officially sent for the name of the editor-in-chief of journal “KazNMU Vestnik”, rector of KazNMU A.A. Akanov

2. Articles should be presented to the editorial office in one copy with UDK on CD disc. The volume of the articles is not limited, tables, pictures are designed by the request of KNASON (computer print – Times New Roman, type 14, interval 1.0). Borders   are 2.0 cm in all lines. Illustrative materials are presented in separate pages, with indicating the order and place of location on margins.

3. Summary (10-12 lines) of the articles is given in Russian, Kazakh and English languages (with translation but the titles of articles and full names of authors). Key words – 6-8 words.

4. The first page of the manuscript is pointed by the following sequence:

  • title of an article – by small letters;
  • full name of the authors;
  • institution which publishes the article, city;

5. Full name of an author is indicated on the last page which is needed for correspondence (city, mail address, phones, fax, e-mail address).

6. Data of quoted literature should be given as in order of mentioning in the text, beginning with the published works in Russian, Kazakh, including the works published in other languages. Full names of foreign authors should be given in original transcription. Number, coinciding with number of quoted literature in the given list is indicated by square brackets. Abbreviations should be interpreted in the first reference of the text.

8. Editorial office has rights to shorten the articles and insert corrections in case of need. Articles, design not meeting the present requirements will be not taken for publishing. All articles will be criticized.

9. Articles should be sent to Almaty, Tole-bi 94, Kazakh National Medical University, Rectorate building, 225.

10. The deadline of presenting article is up to April, 25, 2012.


In all interested problems You may contact with:

Sarsenbayeva Saule Sergaziyevna – Director of MAQE and SGMER center

Karzhaubayeva Arai – senior methodologist of MAQE and SGMER center


Contact tel./fax: 8 (727) 292-69-97

8 (727) 292-69-69, inner 147

e-mail: [email protected]