Informational letter


The Kazakh National Medical University named after  S.D.Asfendiyarov invites you to participate in the  International scientific-practical conference “The experience of the implementation of competence-oriented Models of medical education of KazNMU” which will be held  on the 24th and 25th of May in 2012 in Almaty.

The items for discussion:

  • The model of medical education of KazNMU: problems and prospects of the implementation
  • Bologna process at the University as the condition of the quality assurance of education
  • Improvement of educational process’ management
  • Integration of education, science and practice
  • The prospects for implementation of the model of medical education at the postgraduate level of KazNMU
  • The problems of formation and development of teachers’ competences of higher medical institutions

The conference will be attended by representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Health, rectors of the universities of RK, representatives of universities and organizations – KazNMU partners, representatives of public health practice: the directors of urban and regional health departments and the head physicians.

We request you to take a personal participation and direct the staff who interested.

The forms of participation:

  • Performance of an oral report
  • Poster presentation
  • Publication of articles
  • Audience

For  participation  in the conference it is necessary to send an application (see appendix) to the e-mail below [email protected]  before the 1st of May 2012, the supervisors should send a list of delegates indicating the name, position, place of work and the themes of the reports. The deadline for articles  to April 25, 2012

The organizers of conference: The department of educational-methodical work, the center of monitoring the analysis of quality of education and scientific reforms of medical education.

The languages: Russian, Kazakh,English

The place of conference: Almaty city, Tole bi Street, 94 at “the Hall of Fame”.

For more details you can see on the information letter and the site



The rector



Compiler: Sarsenbayeva S.S

Tel. 8 (727) 292-69-97, вн.: 147

e-mail: center­[email protected]

The application should be given by the form below:

 The application for participation in the International scientific-practical conference

      «The experience of the implementation of competence-oriented Models of medical education of KazNMU»

1Name, surname of participant 2The University

(to give full information) 3position, scientific degree, title  4 form of participation

  • Performance
  • Audience
  • Only publication (articles)


5topic (*only for speakers) 6section 7e-mail 8 Telephone (обязательно) 9The need for the hotel reservation                                          yes     /     no

Conference materials will be published in the journal  «Vestnik KazNMU».

Making the manuscript

1. The article should have a formal referral to the chief editor of journal «Вестник КазНМУ» the rector of KazNMU, A.A. Akhanov

2. The article should be submitted  to publication in one copy with the number UDC and on CD. The volume of article is not limited, tables, figures are drawn according to the requirements (computer typesetting – Times New Roman fount 14,  1,0 interval). The boundaries  of  2,0 cm  in all fields. Illustrative material  should be submitted on separate sheets indicating the margin of the order and their location.

3. The summary  (10-12 lines) in the article should be in Russian, Kazakh and English languages (the translation of articles’ titles and the authors’ names). Keywords – 6-8 words.

4. The first page of the manuscript should be in the following order:

The title of the article-lower case letters;

Initials and surnames of authors;

Institutions where the article was published, city;

5. On the last page of the article the author’s surname should be written down (the city, e-mail, telephone, fax).

6. These references are listed in order to mention in the text published in Russian, Kazakh and in other languages. The names of foreign authors are given in the original transcription. The text in square brackets is indicated the number which coincides with the number of references in the reducible list. The abbreviations of words and terms are deciphered at the first mention in the text.

8. The editors may shorten the articles and if necessary  amend them. The articles won’t be accepted to the publication if the article doesn’t  meet the specified  requirements. All articles are reviewed.

9. The articles are accepted at Tole bi Street 94, The Kazakh National Medical University, Rectorate, room 225.

10. The deadline for articles  to April 25, 2012


If you have any questions concerning the participation in the conference, please contact:

Sarsenbayeva Saule Sergaziyevna – the director of the center  AMQE & SSRME

Karzhaubayeva Arai  – a senior methodologist of the center   AMQE & SSRME

Telephone./fax: 8 (727) 292-69-97,

8 (727) 292-69-69, ext. 147

[email protected]