Honourable professor of KazNMU Orvill Adams Bruce Read


At the invitation of the Department of Department  on academic works  from December 2 to December 14, 2013 made ​​a viziting-professor Orvill Adams Bruce Read, Adjunct,Professor, University of Ottawa, the master of the international relations of the Department of Epidemiology and Medical care (Canada), as well as in the field of management of health care.

Orvill Adams Bruce Read took part in the Days of University-2013,                                     «Ccontemporary trends in the world development of medical education and healthcare. Possibilities for international cooperation». Together with the rector A.Akanov he was a moderator at the round table «International cooperation – the way to develop of university education, science and practice». On a round table Orvill Adams Bruce Read read a report on the theme «International Cooperation in medical Education».

Under assignment to recognition of ranks to viziting-professorOrvill Adams Bruce Read was given «Honourable professor of KazNMU».

Besides his staying included training program on the theme «Understanding and applying management principles and approaches for effective medical education»,  for the undergraduates, again appointed heads of structural departments and managing chairs.

Department  on academic work