•  Ensuring effective control of academic quality through continuous monitoring and analysis of key stakeholders opinions


  1. Monitoring the quality of services / stakeholders (student, faculty, parents, employers, alumni) feedback
  2. Provision of analytical reports to management
  3.  Identification of points for academic quality improvment
  4. Analysis data collection of problematic aspects affecting academic quality


  • To provide information support in the field of medical education:
  • Conduct research on the order of various units of the University in the field of improvement:
    • Quality of knowledge assessment;
    • Quality of educational technologies ;
    • Qualtiy of educational programs.
  • Participate in analysis:
    • Implemented innovative educational technologies;
    • Implemented educational programs.
  • Participate in preparation and dessimination:
    •  Recommendations on quality improvement of educational technologies and programs;
    • To develop projects in the field of medical education in cooperation with international and domestic HEIs.

The main activities:

  • An analysis of the feedback from stakeholders in the field of educational programs
  • Institutional research


   Location of the Department (building, floor, number of rooms)

Building: Rectorate, floor: 2, office number: 201

Contact information (telephone number, inner number, email)

Inner number: 7585 (for all)

Email:  for all –  [email protected]kaznmu.kz

Dossayeva Saltanat[email protected]kaznmu.kz

  Khozhamkul Rabiga  – [email protected]

Sopabaev Samat – [email protected]

      Baybolatova Asel[email protected]

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