At faculty of the general medicine the traditional holiday «Қарсы алу кеші» for first-year students of faculty was had. As well as in last years a festive event «Қарсы алу кеші» passed on 21th October  — on the date of faculty in university theater. The most dear guests of a holiday are students of 1 course of the general medicine faculty.

Since 2009 on this event the medal «S.D.Asfendiyarov» is handed over to the most outstanding figures of faculty and university. In 2013 students second courses declared from 24th September  to 19th October competition on the medal «S.D.Asfendiyarov» through electronic vote.

And students made the choice!  They defined the next owner of a medal.  This is the head of molecular biology and medical genetics chair, the professor, the doctor of medical sciences Esenkeldi Userbayevich Kuandykov. The medal was handed over on solemn evening «The first step in the future».

Professor E.U.Kuandykov expressed the gratitude to students and told:   «From all awards received by me, the most expensive is the assessment of my merits students.  I consider that the appreciation students of my work and work of my chair only «lights» our work.  And we will justify trust of our students work with even big diligence… »

Further according to the Program a poly languages in KazNMU, the film was shown in the Kazakh, Russian and English languages, which students of second course were produced.

Besides, second-year students handed over to first-year students traditional gifts. Also gifts were deliver and to winners of a quiz. Students of second course continued evening Olzhabek Enlikzhan (kobyz), Bolsyn Asel (dombra), singers Abdalimova Zhadyra, Fraydun Faryad, Orynbasar Shattyk, Rakhmet Ermek, cheerful guys «Zhaydarly zhandar« and dancers «Flashmob«.

For the organization of a remarkable holiday for first-year students dean’s office of faculty of the general medicine express gratitude to students second courses of faculty, in particular

to heads of streams and groups Abdimanapov Abylay, Utegen Sungat, Shnarbayev Chingiz, Turdeeva Muhannat, Baidulla Karlygash, Tasu Marat, Kaipbek Gulzira, Esenova Sabina, students the second course «TOP-20», to scriptwriters and leaders of evening Kaseykyzy Asel, Yakupov Mukhiddin and Kenzhebek Aksunkar and much – many other.