Educational work is carried out by the Department of educational work and the departments and units of the Training Department of Internal Medicine, in accordance with the annual plans approved by the first vice-rector for SEW KazNMU . Students are supervised by 4-6 years of the faculty “General Medicine”, as well as students living in dormitories.

       Teachers attend as scheduled hostel where organize thematic meetings with students, learn about their way of life and leisure time, consult .

Departments and units of the Department held thematic meetings on the theme: “Freedom of religion and religious extremism “, etc.

Departments and units of the Training Department of Internal Medicine held international Internet conference “Longevity position from cardiologists view” ” Youth Science Forum – natural and medical sciences” etc.

Action for the Day of the AIDS Memorial (May 2013.)

Charity event at the House of Babies

Within the educational work of the Department of Education teachers together with the students performed the following activities:

In the 2010-2011 school year :

  1. Department of Emergency Medical Assistance held a meeting with the meeting with war veteran.

2 . Participation module Allergology (Department of Immunology and Allergy ) in the education of young people and collaboration with media ( newspaper publication ” Shipager “

3 . Allergy Module (Department of Immunology and Allergy ) took part in a charity preventive health department ” Home comfort and care freshman ‘ hostel number 7 KazNMU , room . 21, 41 , 24

4 . Employees of the Department of the OPC did a great job in organizing the national holiday 65th anniversary of the Great Victory. Anxiously , with heartfelt warmth decorated booth – ” Remember ! Thank you! Proud of you “, which reflects the heavy fighting way doctors and relatives of employees of the department. Among them, a hero of the Soviet Union Kairbayev Makhmet father assistant Kairbaeva SM, associate professor relatives Kalieva GS, assistants Nejdanova SA and Duysen BB, residents Ahmettaevoy AB, AB Asyltaevoy . etc. The stand was placed at the Educational KazNMU Clinical Center , which hosted the baseline medical examination of the war veterans , who he called a lot of interest. Assistant executive in charge of the stand Nezhdanov SA , artist – a resident Ahmettaeva AB.

5 . An exhibition of literature of the war years with the reflection of the fierce battles of Stalingrad , Kursk , Moscow , Brest Fortress , Leningrad and others. Employees of the department held a contest for the best performance of poems and songs of the war years . Young assistant in the department performed a poem J. Dzhabayev ” Leningrad – my children ” ( Kazakh and Russian versions) and Konstantin Simonov ‘s “Wait for me.”

  1. Departments and units of the Department together with the students were prepared musical numbers : M. Studenka Borankulova of 501 group and the son of an assistant Saparbaeva MM played on national instruments folk songs , classical works . Employees of the department were also evident prepared national dishes , took part in the competition.
  2. Department of Internal Medicine held a number 4 prof. WWII veteran parades

407 together with the students , the group ped.faka 08.04.10

  1. Department Phthisiopulmonology annually on February 16 , held a recital with students supervised rooms dedicated to the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and the memory of the fallen soldiers- internationalists , who are invited by Afghan soldiers (Hero of the Soviet Union Kremenish N. ) .
  2. The department is working to Phthisiopulmonology healthy lifestyle talks, stands, annual competitions for the best flyer on healthy lifestyles , wall paper, participation in TB Day .

10 . Chair Department of Psychiatry conducted a briefing on the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan “.  We live and learn in a sovereign Kazakhstan,” 15 December 2008. with bands ( 509 , 502, , 608 g n / p , 610 l / f ).

In the 2011-2012 school year :

  1. Held an event for the development of the state language and culture : Open curator hour on the topic: «Ана тілім- ардағым».

2 . 26.03.12 07.05.12g and the roundtables “Students Against Corruption” , “I ‘m fighting against corruption” with the debate club , were shown presentations and public service announcements on these topics were discussed by the Presidential Decree “On additional measures to strengthen the fight against crime and corruption and further improve law enforcement in the Republic of Kazakhstan . “

3 . The modulus of HIV infection and infection control g.provedena December 1, 2011 Scientific Conference on the day KazNMU “Infection changed the world “

4 . Under the guidance of teachers module dermatology residents spoke on ” Infections of transferable e sexually transmitted and reproductive health” at the conference «Winter school», dedicated to the memory of academician BA Atchabarov, 29.02.2012

5 . Department of internship and residency in internal medicine number 3 City Clinical Hospital № 7 and the Cardiology Center with the participation of the students, developed and distributed a memo , released wall newspaper , City Clinical Hospital № 7 in the framework of the campaign : ” What do we know about tuberculosis ? ‘.

  1. At the Department of internship and residency in internal medicine number 3 held an essay contest on the topic ” Салауатты өмір салты – жастардың мақсаты”, which was attended by 17 students , was the winner of the student group Dlimbetova 01-2 M, which was awarded a book.
  2. 11.05.2012 . a meeting with the veteran rear Silkina ZM, born in 1928
  3. City Clinical Hospital № 7 , an action “Caring for the seriously ill ” in the hematology department – dedicated to the Victory Day.
  4. 16.02.2012 , under the direction of Professor GS Zimanova on the basis of the GCC and lecturer 14.02.12 Bekisheva AS City Clinical Hospital № 1 held curatorial hour supervised groups with students on the topic “I am against corruption » . A video , created a booklet .

10 . Under the ” Relay of Good Deeds” Department of internship and residency in internal medicine took part in the ” Donor Day ” on the basis of the Department of Blood Transfusion GKB number 7 with the delivery of blood for patients with hematological department – 15.09.11 and 11.03.2012 .

  1. An action ” Caring for seriously ill ” in the hematology department – 14.12.2011 ( timed to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan ) .
  2. 17.11.2011g . students 08-2 , 08-3 team under the direction of Professor Iskakova BS, assistant Sheriyazdan JS and Chumbalovoy AS, delivered lectures for students grades 4-8 school number 54 on ” Nutrition .” Produced and distributed a memo on ” The daily diet of the schoolboy “;

2011-2012 school year:

  1. Department of Internal Medicine number 4 in internal medicine repeatedly held open days for the public, for the Second World War and the elderly , the disabled with cerebral palsy.
  2. Dermatology unit held ” open house ” counseled 77 patients .
  3. Department of Endocrinology in the framework of the Open Day ” Day of Older Persons ” in the clinic WWII consulted 35 patients , 12.10.2012-14.10.2012 .
  4. Open Day Clinic WOC – 67 bolnyh10. – 12.04.2012
  5. Open Day at the clinic KazNMU 09.06.2012 .

In the 2012-2013 school year :

  1. Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases took 2nd place in the vocal competition ” Екі жұлдыз

2 . A festive party for the children involved in the HIV epidemic , April 29, 2013 in conjunction with the AIDS Centre . There were 18 children with HIV and perinatal contact between the ages of 3 to 6 years old .

3 . Also teachers module for the International Children’s Day a charitable distribution of children with HIV ( 29 children ) – books, toys , stationery, May 31, 2013

4 . May 17 teachers module HIV infection and infection control in conjunction with the AIDS Centre in Almaty had KazNMU large-scale action – Powered students Almaty ” In solidarity “, dedicated to the World Day of Remembrance of the dead from AIDS .

5 . Has action against smoking and non-smoking area at university. S.A. Altynbekov on TV «Хабар» several times showed an mental health and substance abuse treatment

  1. Department of Internal Medicine number 1 , Department of Clinical Pharmacology , exercise and physical therapy and neurology May 8 teachers spent honoring veterans at the Department of World War II Clinical Hospital № 1.
  2. Department of Internal Medicine number 1 twice open days at the clinic hospital № 1.
  3. Department of Internal Medicine number 1 in the framework of the State program ” Healthy Kazakhstan ” in order to increase joint responsibility for their health to open schools ” in hypertensive patients ,” school ” of patients with CHD ,” school ” Patients with chronic heart failure .”
  4. In the framework of events dedicated to the University of module HIV infection and infection control held a conference on the theme : ” Zero new . Zero deaths from AIDS . Zero discrimination “, with the participation of scientists from abroad Professor Louise -Anne McNutt University of Albany , USA, New York and Nimish Patel – Professor of Medicine and College of Pharmacy at the University of Albany, USA, New York. The conference was held on the basis of AIDS Centre in 3 languages.

10 . Department of Primary and emergency care were 8 shares under the “Day of the heart.”

  1. Consultations of patients in the Open Day – 5 shares .
  2. “World Health Day ” – campaign “Know your blood pressure” on the avenue Silk Way, Chair of emergency medical care.
  3. Department of outpatient therapy an action ” Eat right – warn hypertension ” on World Health Day .
  4. The modulus of Nephrology , the State program “Healthy Kazakhstan ” in order to increase joint responsibility for their own health established the “School nephrologist .”

Improving the image of the University in the media

2010-2011 school year

  1. 2.10.10zh . Attended “Khabar”, “Personal growth “.

2 . 29.11.09zh . “Peace”TV organized the meeting.

3 . Appearances on radio and television Kozhanova SV,

Tarabaeva AS, AB Zhubanturlievoy

2011-2012 school year

  1. Professor G.M.Kudyarova 25.09.10zh . On TV “El Arna” explained about suicide.

2 . 28.10.11zh . On TV CTC attended program “Black Square” .

3 . December  2011.With students held out ” Comorbidity of substance abuse and HIV / AIDS” conference.

4 . 02.02.11zh . CTC TV show ” Evening News ” with Professor BA Shakhmetov

5 . 16.02.2012zh . Number 40 Newspaper “Zan ” there was an article about  ” Pedophilia “. 2012 . “Kazakh Medical Journal ” wrote about suicide.

In the 2012-2013 academic year

  1. 17.07.2012 city , Bapiev TA “HIV infection, prevention of sexual transmission among young people ,” the channel “Almaty” , in Russian . and executions . languages;

2 . 21.09 . 2012 , TA Bapiev ” Surveillance of HIV , effective prevention , treatment and care for HIV / AIDS , in accordance with international best practices and experience the Netherlands “, in Russian . and executions . languages;

3 . 30.11.2012 , the TA Bapiev the World Day for Prevention and Control of AIDS , the channel “Kazakhstan” in Russian . and executions . languages;

4 . 19/09/2012 g.Ahmetova GM “Treatment ART” , the channel STV , on kazudarstvennom language .

5 . Dermatovenereologists module , the performance on the channel Dauyl on ” Acne “.

  1. The Department of internship and residency in neurology, Journal ” Good Health” .