Division of the Coordination of medical and diagnostic

1Preventive work: the head – S.Zh. Kasymova, the leading specialist A.A. Kadirbaeva, the chief specialist M.B. Sadvokasova, methodist D.B. Zhumagulova.

The main purpose of the department are:

  • organizational and methodological work on the interaction of clinical departments and clinical bases;
  • analysis of the medical-consultative work of clinical departments and medical units;
  • organization of medical and consultative help to practical health care as needed (visiting medical teams, charity of the professor-teachers staff, etc.);
  • preparation of annual reports of medical and consultative work of clinical departments of the University;
  • complaints of citizens on the quality of medical and consultative work of clinical departments;
  • monitoring for medical support of University students and conducting of preventive examinations and vaccinations of University students.

The main tasks ofthe department‘s activity are:

  • coordination ofmedical andadvisory workon the basesof clinical departments;
  • control ofmedical supportstudents and professor-teachers staff.