Group of developing students’ Self- Management


Аldamzharova  Amina


Telephone:8(727) 3387090 (internal phone 7287)

Chief Expert:

Apsattarova Saltanat

E-mail: [email protected]

Telephone:8(727) 3387090 (internal phone 7287)



Group of developing students’ Self- Managementis part of the Department of developing socio-cultural competences of students.The priority in the work of the DDSS is developing students soft skills such as leadership, negotiation and interpersonal communication. Other activities of the division include the providingsupporttostudents to recognize students’ achievements and efforts to improve themselves in areas of communication, leadership, teamwork, strategic thinking, creativity and commitment to integrity.The DDSS also organizes a wide range of activities within the main directions of the State youth policy realization.In addition, the DDSS coordinates student activities and organizations (provide advising and social support for student organizations), organizes youth’s conferences, seminars, roundtables to allow students personal growth and transformation, and to promote tolerance and respect among youth society.