Description (the position of the department and of the group)


Functions of the department:

Coordination Group of medical diagnostic and preventive work :

1. organizational — methodical work on the interaction of the clinical departments and clinical settings ;

2 . analysis of the medical advisory work of the clinical departments and medical units , organization of medical and practical health advice as required ( visiting medical teams , charities, counseling techniques of teaching staff , etc.);

3 . preparation of annual reports on the volume of medical and advisory work of the clinical departments of the University;

4 . review of citizen complaints about the quality of treatment and counseling work of the faculty of clinical departments

5 . control over the provision of medical students at the University and conduct checkups and vaccinations of students of the University.


Нealth center:

1. is an independent student admission ;

2 . organizes the work of immunization ;

3 . conducting medical examination of students on arrival at the hostel (examination for lice , scabies ) .

4 . Conducts comprehensive preventive examination of students of 1-2 courses involving faculty of clinical departments

5 . Conducts clinical supervision of students being on the «D» account and the provision of medicines to 50 % discount on the cost (through urban student health center ) ;

6. Organizes 100 % coverage of the CSF ;

7. Leading accounting, control and execution of sabbatical leave students with diagnosed tuberculosis , the organization of their treatment ;

8. Organizes material assistance (2 times a year) , food stamps (for 10 months ) and provides needy spetskomnatami in hostels

Medical Clinic : provides emergency first aid to students.

In order to create an effective system of disease prevention and health care to the faculty and students of the University created the «Health of students ,» and «Health PPS» .