Department of work with foreign students

Almaty city, Tole bi 94, recotrate, 1st floor, office 113

Contacts: 8 (727) 338 70 30 inner no.: 7903, 7309

Email: [email protected]

Department of work with foreign students was created on 1st of August 2016. The main purpose of department is to assistance on solve any problems connecting with living on territory of Republic of Kazakhstan. Nowadays 5 members are working on department.

The main aims and obligations of department is making of invitation letter after enrolling foreign student to university, visa supporting and registration, control on living on hotels settlement of a conflict situation and dispute, to represent and protect interests of foreign students on any official authorities, explanation of their rights during of temporary residence on Republic of Kazakhstan. Also department is making registration for students of Republic of Kazakhstan, and controlling compliance with the law.